Organic Whey Protein Madagascan Vanilla
Organic Whey Protein Madagascan Vanilla
Organic Whey Protein Madagascan Vanilla
Organic Whey Protein Madagascan Vanilla
Organic Whey Protein Madagascan Vanilla
"Makes an utterly delicious creamy vanilla milkshake." - The Telegraph 💬 22 answered questions
  • Additive free

  • Undenatured & Bioactive

  • Real Bourbon vanilla

  • Vegetarian

  • Primarily grass fed

  • High bioavailability


Organic whey protein concentrate from organic milk (92.2%), unrefined organic coconut sugar (6.8%), ground organic Bourbon vanilla pods (1%)

Nutritional Information

Typical valuesPer 100gPer 25g serving
Energy kJ/kcal 1650/390 413/98
Fat5.2g    1.3g
of which saturates2.9g0.7g
Carbohydrate10.2g    2.6g
of which sugars7.8g    2.0g
Fibre0.5g    0.12g
Protein75.3g    18.8g
Salt620mg    155mg
Calcium350mg    87.5mg (12.5% RI)
Phosphorus269mg    67.25mg (12.22% RI)

RI = reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal)

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Organic Whey Protein   Madagascan Vanilla

We’ve only used three ingredients in our Madagascan Vanilla organic whey protein. By blending our award winning organic whey protein with high quality ground organic bourbon vanilla pods and unrefined organic coconut sugar, we’ve created a delightfully luxurious creamy vanilla flavour without the need for any additives. No “natural” vanilla flavour here, only the highest quality real vanilla we could find.

Main benefits

  • 75.3g protein per 100g / 18.8g protein per 25g serving
  • Fast to digest, so your body can break it down quickly to get to the good stuff
  • Contains ground organic Madagascan bourbon vanilla pods for a rich vanilla flavour
  • Sweetened with a small amount of unrefined organic coconut sugar, from Indonesia. A low GI alternative to sugar
  • The main ingredient is our award winning organic whey protein, from organic primarily grass fed cow’s milk
  • Emulsifier free, hormone free, gluten free, soya free and GMO free
  • No hidden ingredients: absolutely no additives or nasties whatsoever
  • Independent nutritional test certificates published for every batch
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Certified Organic by The Organic Food Federation
  • 25p donated to Compassion in World Farming for every pack, to help support an amazing team of people who are working tirelessly to bring an end to factory farming globally, one milestone at a time (of which there have been many). So far we've donated more than £30,000.

Who is it for?

This is a protein powder anyone can use, regardless of your gender or what your goals may be. People often use our organic whey protein for the following reasons:

  • Muscle and bone health
  • Supporting a healthy active lifestyle
  • To help keep going during times of physical stress
  • Increased need for protein as a result of medical issues
  • Lacking protein from other foods due to dietary restrictions
  • Some people just enjoy the taste and find the benefits to be a bonus



Organic whey protein concentrate from organic milk (92.2%), unrefined organic coconut sugar (6.8%), ground organic Bourbon vanilla pods (1%)

Serving guidance

Mix 25g with 75-100ml of water or milk (dairy or plant based) vigorously in a shaker for 30 seconds, or for 10 seconds in a blender. A very effective alternative is to use a handheld milk frother for around 10-15 seconds. You can use more liquid as desired, though this will result in the flavour and creaminess being watered down. It can also be added to smoothies, yoghurt, bread, cakes, or just about any food or drink you fancy giving an extra protein boost.

25g is equivalent to approximately 60ml, which is equal to ¼ cup, 3.5 tablespoons, 2 scoops, or of course you can also weigh on a set of kitchen scales for the best accuracy. Many people only have half a serving (so around 12.5g or 30ml) as they don't need a lot of extra protein in their diet, so feel free to use less if this sounds like you.

Each 25g serving of contains 18.8g of protein, 2.6g of carbs and 1.3g of fat.

Nutritional Information

Typical ValuesPer 100gPer 25g Serving
Energy kJ/kcal1650/390413/98
of which saturates2.9g0.7g
of which sugars7.8g2.0g
Calcium350mg87.5mg (12.5% RI)
Phosphorus269mg67.25mg (12.22% RI)

RI = Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal)

You can download the latest independent lab test certificate here.

Amino acids

Our organic whey protein contains all of the essential and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) naturally occurring in the whey.

Amino Acid Per 100 g Per 25g Serving
Alanine 3.92g 980mg
Arginine 1.78 450mg
Aspartic Acid 8.26g 2.06g
Cystine 1.71g 428mg
Glutamic Acid 13g 3.25g
Glycine 1.42g 355mg
Histidine 1.22g 305mg
Isoleucine* 4.56g 1.14g
Leucine* 7.61g 1.9g
Lysine 7.31g 1.83g
Methionine 1.67g 418mg
Phenylalanine 2.38g 595mg
Proline 4.62g 1.16g
Serine 4.39g 1.1g
Threonine 5.37g 1.34g
Tryptophan 1.42g 355mg
Tyrosine 2.16g 540mg
Valine* 4.53g 1.13g

* Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Bioactive protein fractions

Bioactive proteins are a key reason whey protein is so much more than “just” a quality protein, as many of these proteins are also in human breast milk, and there is a lot of evidence that they have a wide range of health benefits. You can read more on this in our blog post here.

Bioactive protein Per 100g Per 25g Serving
Alpha Lactalbumin 9.68g 2.42g
Beta Lactoglobulin 35.13g 8.79g
Immunoglobulin G (IgG) 3.04g 761mg
Lactoferrin 270mg 67.5mg

These figures are based on the test results from our Pure Unflavoured organic whey protein concentrate, which we have then reduced to 92.2% of the total result, as this is the percentage of organic whey protein concentrate in the Madagascan Vanilla blend. You can download the original certificate here.

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Questions & Answers

Have a question?

Ask a question
  • hello, is this product appropriate for someone with pcos?

    Thank you for the question!  As this contains coconut sugar it is not going to be an ideal choice for people with PCOS.  Our unflavoured organic whey protein would be a better option as it is just pure 100% whey protein.  Whey protein is generally considered to be suitable for people with PCOS, depending on who you ask, however we would nevertheless recommend checking with a GP or other health professional to be sure.  I hope that helps :-)

  • Can your Whey powder be added to hot or warmed liquids or does it change the nature of the product? Many thanks.

    Thank you for the question.  It can be, however we'd recommend mixing with cold liquid first and then stirring into the hot liquid, in order to avoid clumping from occurring.  Heat will further denature the protein, which does change the structure of the proteins, however our bodies will still break it down to get the amino acids as usual (egg whites turn white due to the proteins being denatured, yet it is still a valuable protein source), so it isn't something to be concerned about.  Having it cold is best, but heating isn't a problem from a protein content standpoint; just be wary of how thick and lumpy it can get :-)

  • Hi do the bags come with a scoop for measuring?!

    Thank you for the question.  They don't come with a scoop, but we sell one separately here:

    Alternatively, if you build a bundle and order it on subscription (you can swap products in the bundle subscription any time), you will get a free scoop:

  • How long is the use by date when unopened? I like to bulk buy to save money but also like fresh tasting whey! Being more natural I’m wondering if it has a shorter shelf life. Thank you

    Thank you for the quesiton.  We advise 6 months on the pack to be on the safe side, but really whey protein is very stable and you can use it right up to (and even after) the Best Before End Date - which is currently December 2024.   If you check even the most additive-filled whey protein powders, you will likelty never see any preservatives, as whey protein simply doesn't need it.  We recently had a long standing customer get in touch to say he was consuming whey protein from a pack he'd opened 5 years ago, believe it or not, and he said it tasted as good as when he'd first bought it, not that we'd recommend leaving it open for *that* long I should add  :-)

  • On a 400g bag and having 1 shake a day, how long will the bag of protein powder last

    Thank you for the question.  There are 16 full 25g servings in a pack, so if you are having full servings that'll be 16 days with a daily shake.  Some people only have a half serving on some or all days, so it can last longer.  It really comes down to how much extra protein you need :-)

  • First off, best protein powder I’ve ever found! Question: is there a specific time period that the powder has to be consumed by once mixed? I was wondering if I could mix the powder into milk to be part of an overnight oats recipe, which involves leaving milk to soak with oats whilst chilled in a fridge overnight. Thanks! :)

    Hello! I'm sorry for the very slow response - your question didn't come through to our email system for some reason. You can consume it up to 24 hours after mixing with a liquid, provided it is kept refrigerated. So yes, it is a great addition to overnight oats. Thank you for asking :-)

  • Hi I was wondering if your product is safe to consume for a pregnant person Thank you

    Thank you for the question Leonie! It is considered safe for use during pregnancy, and indeed we have had a number of pregnant customers using this, however we always recommend checking with your GP first :-)

  • I have a very active 9 year old. Can children also take this as a supplement to their diet?

    Thank you for the question. If they don't have any milk allergies then it will ok for a 9 year old. It is important to be mindful of their total daily protein intake, as they don't need as much protein as adults of course, and it could be that they're already getting sufficient protein. It's a good idea to check the protein requirements of an active 9 year old and work out how much protein they are already having, then compare with how much they need, before adding whey protein to their diets. I hope that helps anyhow :-)

  • Does your protein powder contain lactose/ would it be suitable for someone with lactose intolerance? Thanks, Jen

    Thank you for the question, Jen. It does contain lactose - between 2-5g per 100g. People with a mild lactose intolerance are often ok using our whey protein due to the low lactose levels, but if it is more moderate to severe then it might be wise to steer clear. Skimmed milk powder contains around 50% lactose, and regular dried whey contains around 75% lactose, so you can see most of the lactose has been filtered out. But again, whether or not this will be ok for you depends very much on how severe your intolerance is, or how willing you'd be to take lactase enzyme every time you have it :-)

  • What's the Period After Opening of the powder (specifically the vanilla favour) ?

    Thank you for the question Aph. We specify 12 weeks on the pack, but really you can use it a long time after that - until the Best Before date would be absolutely fine, and the current batch has another 15 months left until it the BBE expires. Ideally you'd want to keep it sealed and stored in a cool, dry place too :-)

  • Is this protein powder safe to consume during pregnancy?

    Thank you for the question Zoe. It is considered safe for use during pregnancy, and indeed we have had a number of pregnant customers using this, however we always recommend checking with your GP first :-)

  • How many can I drink a day / week

    Thank you for the question. For most people one serving per day is enough, however this really depends on how much protein you are getting from other foods, and how much exercise you are doing. It is therefore a good idea to either stick with no more than one serving per day, or alternatively you could research how much protein somebody of your gender and age needs, then work out how much protein you are already getting based on your current diet, and then you will be able to work out how much (if any) whey protein you could consider having. I hope that helps :-)

  • Is it safe during breastfeeding?

    Thank you for the question. Yes it is safe to use while breastfeeding, however we still always recommend consulting your doctor in case of any possible medical reasons that we aren’t aware of.

  • Good afternoon. Is your protein powder suitable for my children who are 14 and 11? Thank you.

    Thank you for the question Keely. Yes it should be absolutely not a problem, provided you keep a close eye on the maximum recommended daily protein intake for their age groups, so I imagine they will need much less than one regular serving size. And of course assuming they have no dairy allergies too. No harm double checking with their GP also, as I am talking generally, not taking into account their individual medical histories and any other factors I wouldn't be aware of :-)

  • Is this safe to use whilst breastfeeding?

    Hi Kate, thank you for the question. Yes, it is indeed :-)

  • Hello, I just wanted to double check if this has any caffeine, added or naturally occurring? I'm very sensitive to caffeine so I wanted to check even though the ingredients suggest not. Thank you.

    Thank you for the question, Jennifer! There is zero caffeine in any of our organic whey protein powders, including the Madagascan Vanilla blend. The vanilla doesn't contain any naturally occurring caffeine and neither does the whey protein or the coconut sugar, and we haven't sneaked in in either - there are just these 3 ingredients :-)

  • Hi does this contain nuts? I can’t see any allergen reference or mention of nuts or peanuts .. does this mean that it’s nut free?

    Thank you for the question, Heather. It is blended and packed in a facility that handles nuts, but all our blending and packing takes place in a strictly controlled "clean room" where no nuts (or gluten, soy and other allergens) are allowed. All the equipment and clothing are separate from the nut packing areas and there are regular swab tests too. It is therefore considered to be nut free by law.. I hope that helps :-)

  • Hello :) Could you kindly advise, is this product suitable for breastfeeding moms? Many thanks for the answer

    Hi Anita, thank you for the question. Yes it is indeed suitable for breastfeeding mums, though we always add the caveat that we recommend speaking to a GP first. Many of our customers have taken our organic whey protein while breastfeeding however :-)

  • What is the quantity of BCAAS per serving?

    Hi Grace, thank you for the question. In each 25g serving, there are 1.14g of Isoleucine, 1.9g of Leucine and 1.13g of Valine. For a list of all the amino acids per 100g and per 25g serving, please feel free to click on the "Nutrition" circle and they are displayed beneath the main nutritional information table :-)

  • Is this whey made with A2 milk? Are there samples?

    Hi Brian, thank you for the question. The milk comes mostly from Holstein cows, which is A1. However when it comes to whey protein, whether it’s A1 or A2 doesn’t make any real difference as far as I'm aware as the A2 and A1 proteins refer to the casein proteins in the milk. Whey protein doesn't contain the casein, only the whey proteins.. The whey proteins in A1 and A2 are basically the same as far as we’re aware. As for samples, we are no longer able to offer these I'm afraid but we do offer a 90 day no quibble returns service :-)

  • ¿Envían a españa? ¿dónde puedo comprarlo?

    Hola, perdone el traductor de Google, ya que no hablamos español. Sí, enviamos a España, así que no dude en hacer un pedido desde nuestro sitio web. La entrega es de £ 8, o gratis si gasta £ 80 o más. Muchas gracias.

  • What is the black powder that collates at the bottom with this flavour? Why and how does it occur?

    Hi Kay, that will be the ground vanilla pods -which is a black (or very dark brown) powder. Some can end up gathering at the bottom over time, as we have simply mixed our organic whey protein with the vanilla, whereas vanilla flavoured protein powder normally contains vanilla flavouring or extract, but not real vanilla so isn't so easy to spot. I hope that helps :-)