Organic Whey Protein Pure Unflavoured
Organic Whey Protein Pure Unflavoured
Organic Whey Protein Pure Unflavoured
Organic Whey Protein Pure Unflavoured

Pure Unflavoured
Organic Whey Protein

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"Best whey protein on the market."

- Jill, Organic Whey Protein Customer
  • Additive free

  • Undenatured & Bioactive

  • Clean creamy taste

  • Vegetarian

  • Primarily grass fed

  • High bioavailability


Organic whey protein concentrate, from organic grass fed cow's milk.

Nutritional information

Typical valuesPer 100gPer 25g serving
Energy kJ/kcal 1620/383405/97.75
of which saturates2.7g0.7g
of which sugars2.3g0.6g
Calcium545mg136.3mg (19.5% RI)
Phosphorus361mg90.3mg (16.4% RI)

RI = reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal)

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Clean Label

One ingredient: Pure Organic Whey Protein

We use only fresh organic whey, which goes through a cutting edge ceramic cold filtration system, with no chemicals or additives.

Clean Label

One ingredient: Pure Organic Whey Protein

We use only fresh organic whey, which goes through a cutting edge ceramic cold filtration system, with no chemicals or additives.

79% protein
19.8g per serving

additive Free

gluten free

No soy added

Emulsifier Free

GMO free

hormone free

Heavy Metals Tested

Certified Organic

over 50,000 protein lovers

Why Whey Protein?


Why Whey Protein?

Whey protein is one of the most bioavailable protein sources. It is quickly broken down and absorbed by our bodies, providing rapid support from head to toe.

It is a “complete” protein, containing all 9 essential & branched chain amino acids, which humans are unable to produce, so dietary sources like whey protein are needed.

It’s not just a shake!

Try other delicious flavours

Madagascan Vanilla
Banana & Lucuma
Raw Cacao & Maca

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Your Organic Whey

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Recognised for uncompromising quality since 2014, our organic whey protein supports not just your muscles and bones, but your health & wellbeing as a whole. A trusted source for numerous health professionals prioritising clean, organic, rubbish-free nutrition.
Learn more from the experts
- Funmi Akinola, Registered Nutritionist
- Hayley Down, Registered Nutritionist
- Dr Michael Barnish, MBChB
- Genevieve Hallam, Certified Nutrition Coach
May Knight, Certified Nutritional Therapist

The stars of the show

There would be no organic whey protein without organic milk, so we donate 25p to Compassion in World Farming for every pack, helping improve farm welfare standards worldwide.

Frequent Questions

Is your whey protein suitable for people with lactose intolerance?

This is suitable for many people with milder lactose intolerance issues, as it contains around 95% less lactose than milk (semi skimmed in dried form, as with the whey protein). Our whey protein contains between 2-5g lactose per 100g in the Pure Unflavoured version and even less in the flavour blends, whereas semi skimmed milk powder contains around 50g lactose per 100g. Some people who experience discomfort as a result of the lactose simply take a lactase supplement, however If you do have any issues you are welcome to take advantage of our no-quibble 90 day returns policy :-)

Is it safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?

We’ve had many customers who have been pregnant or breastfeeding while consuming our organic whey protein powder, however we recommend being cautious of the Raw Cacao & Maca blend, as that can potentially have a mild stimulant effect. We don't see there being any problems with the Pure Unflavoured, Madagascan Vanilla, or Banana & Lucuma. Regardless, we do always recommend chatting with a GP first, as we aren’t qualified medical professionals and they will know more about your medical history, so can give a more conclusive answer. Whey protein is nevertheless generally considered safe for taking while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is this suitable for kids?

Yes it is generally considered to be safe for children, provided they don't have any milk intolerance issues and as long as you keep in mind the recommended intake of protein for their age group, as they need a lot less protein than us adults. We also recommend speaking with your GP first, as they will be able to give more qualified advice and with additional knowledge of your child’s medical history. Lastly, please be mindful of the Raw Cacao & Maca blend as that can have a mild stimulant effect.

Is your whey protein grass fed?

The cows graze outside in fields during the spring and summer months, and they’re fed grass in the form of hay, haylage and silage during the winter months in spacious, clean, naturally lit barns. They also feed on supplementary organic cereals such as oats and barley, so although they feed primarily on grass, they are not 100% grass fed.

Are there any sweeteners, flavourings, or emulsifiers?

We don’t add anything at all to our Pure Unflavoured option, so there are no sweeteners, flavourings, or emulsifiers – no additives whatsoever. There is a small amount of unrefined organic coconut sugar added to the Madagascan Vanilla and Raw Cacao & Maca blends and indeed all our flavour blends contains only whole foods for flavour, so no artificial or “natural” flavourings to be found in any of our products, only real foods.

Is this free from artificial hormones and antibiotics?


Can your whey protein be added to other foods?

Yes, you can add this to just about anything really – it is very versatile indeed. It will become denatured if you use it in hot drinks, baked foods, or anything else involving sustained high temperatures, however our bodies will still effectively break down the protein and put it to use in our bodies in its denatured form. You will nevertheless be losing the bioactive protein peptides and antibodies, such as Lactoferrin and Immunoglobulin G (IgG), as these are damaged by heat and therefore not utilised by our bodies. It can be added to cold foods too of course, like overnight oats, yoghurt, protein balls and bars, and smoothies!

Is it free from allergens, e.g. gluten, nuts, and soya?

It is blended and packed in a facility that handles most food allergens, however we have an allocated “clean room” which prevents contamination from gluten and nuts. Other allergens such as soya are not controlled in this area, so there is still a chance of contamination from other allergens. Every batch is tested to ensure it is gluten free and it is considered nut free too, due to the strict measures in place to avoid contamination.

How much cholesterol does this contain?

Our Pure Unflavoured organic whey protein contains 0.15g cholesterol per 100g. We haven’t yet had our flavour blends tested for this.

Do you use any chemicals at all to make your whey protein?

No, none at all. We use only mechanical low temperature filtration, without the need for any chemicals, nor indeed any additives or processing aids; just pure liquid whey in one end and pure whey protein out the other. To our flavour blends we add a small number of quality organic whole foods, also made without chemicals, or in the case of our Pure Unflavoured version absolutely nothing is added. With all of this in mind, we consider our whey protein to be completely UPF-free.

Questions & Answers

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  • Is your packaging and product free from preservatives including sulphites and sulphates as I have an allergy

    Thank you for the question. No preservatives are added to our packaging or products. There are however products containing sulphur dioxide occasionally handled at the same facility, so we therefore can't guarantee that our products are 100% free from sulphur dioxide. I hope that helps :-)

  • Can I mix with water instead of milk?

    Thank you for the question. Yes, you certainly can - we advise in the directions to use either water or milk :-)

  • I have been enjoying the unflavoured powder. Doesn’t contain collagen? I take an extra collagen peptides and I can’t tell if I am doubling up. Also in another question you give the cholesterol content. Would that be considered high? Thanks

    Thank you for the questions: 1) it doesn't contain any collagen, and 2) the 0.15g per 100g cholesterol is considered to be on the low end of the spectrum :-)

  • What are the ingredients?

    Thank you for the question. There is just one ingredient: organic whey protein concentrate, from organic cow's milk. This is made with no additives, no mixing aids, no chemicals - absolutely nothing is added at all. It is simply whey that has been filtered at low temperatures and dried into a powder at carefully managed temperatures to ensure it is undenatured by heat :-)

  • Could you please confirm that this product doesn't have any flavours or sweetners?

    Thank you for the question. That is right, no added flavours or sweeteners; in fact, nothing added at all! This is just completely pure organic whey protein :-)

  • Hi is this ok for weight loss , I’m 56 and as I get older I wanted to lose weight but still support lean muscle and strength, snacking is my biggest issue at late afternoon and wondered if this would help with that ? Thanks

    Thank you for the question. Unfortunately we are legally unable to sary too much on this, however increased protein in your meals can help to keep you fuller for longer. If your snacks are high in carbs and sugars and of little nutritional value, then swapping out for a serving of our organic whey protein could also make sense, certainly if the calories in the whey protein are lower than in the snack you would otherwise be consuming :-)

  • Hi, please help me to know what type of rennet do you use to curdle the milk, is it microbial or animal rennet. Thank you sir

    Thank you for the question. Only microbial rennet is used; our whey protein is therefore suitable for vegetarians :-)

  • Hello what is the ingredients in this?

    Thank you for the question.  There is just one ingredient: organic whey protein concentrate (from organic cow's milk), which is made without any additives or processing aids, just purely mechanical filtration followed by spray drying :-)

  • Hi, I have just ploughed through seven pages of questions to ensure I am not repeating one already asked . . .and gosh, you are patient, clearly others do not as there are SO many repeated questions! I am a subscriber of the whey protein . . .although I did prefer the whey isolate when it was available, so if it becomes an option again, there are three of us just in little Aberystwyth who will be on it like a shot. (I am lactose sensitive, they are completely intolerant so have had to stop your products). A couple of observations first, that may or may not help you and others: - - I have found through experience that if you make up the drink in advance, with the occasional shake, it dissolves lump-free of its own accord after an hour or two - this is aided by use of warm water - and a warm air temperature I also notice that you suggest keeping the drink in a fridge . . . I may just have been lucky, but I make mine 6 hours in advance and keep it warm . . . I wish to know how you are able to claim that the cows are 100% grass fed please? I feel duped and misled, learning that they have a “source” of grass, (hay, silage) all year round, BUT, that they ARE fed grains. I feel that you have not been transparent and am rather disappointed . . . Am I being unfair? I eagerly await your response, Thank you for your time and help,

    Thank you for giving our many answered questions a read and for the feedback, those are interesting observations; temperature is not something we have considered when it comes to mixability, so this will be a useful addition to advice for people struggling to mix it properly.  Storing it warm is not normally a problem from a safety point of view, but we err on the side of caution when it comes to giving advice when it has already been mixed with liquid, so as to avoid any possible food poisoning incidents (unlikely as is may be if consumed in less than a day).

    Our whey protein isolate contained similar lactose levels to our concentrate, so if your friends tolerated the isolate then they shouldn't have a problem with our concentrate. 

    As for predominantly grass fed (for they do feed mostly on grass, with grains providing a supplementary addition) vs 100% grass fed, or if indeed if there should even be a grass claim fed unless the cows feed 100% on grass.  That is a good point and perhaps we should add something in brackets clarifying the distinction. We don't want to mislead, however I think it is also worth distinguishing between this diet and that found on "zero graze" dairies, where the cows will never eat even a single blade of grass.  Regardless, we will ruminate on this (no pun intended) and consider altering the wording.  Please feel free to argue with us further on this, it is welcome :-)

  • What is the B12 content?

    Thank you for the question.  On average there are 7.3μg of Vitamin B12 per 100g, so that will be 1.825μg per 25g serving.  I hope that helps :-)

  • I am currently taking high strength Vitamin A as a treatment. Where can I view a list of the vitamin content for this product

    Thank you for the question.  The Vitamin A content is very low, at 369mcg (or ug - the same thing) per kg, so that is only 3.69mcg per 100g, or 0.92mcg per 25g serving. I hope that helps.  We will be adding a more comprehensive list of the vitamins and minerals in our whey protein soon :-)

  • Are the grass fed cows you use fed anti biotics regularly

    The cows are only given antibiotics if they actually have an infection that needs treating, and their milk isn't used until 6 weeks after they have completed their antibiotics.  The routine use of antibiotics under UK/EU organic standards is forbidden; they must have an infection in order for it to be used :-)

  • Hi Can I mix the powder with creatine monohidrate .

    Thank you for the question!  Yes, you certainly can :-)

  • Can i just mix dry powder with cereal, then add milk. For a protein boost that i might not need every day

    Thank you for the question!  That sounds like a great idea.  You might find there are a few lumps, but if you're ok with that then there is no reason why you shouldn't mix it in with your breakfast cereal :-)

  • Hi, can I take protein daily to maintain calories without doing exercise? If yes, what is the recommended quantity to take every day without exercise?

    Thank you for the question!  There is no simple answer to be honest.  If you are getting plenty of other protein then you could have half a serving, or if you are in fact lacking protein from other foods, then a full 25g serving (two scoops) would be a good idea.  Perhaps more, but I'd recommend working out your daily protein intake and then checking that against the recommended daily intake for a person of your age and gender, to work out exactly how much you should be aiming for.  Sorry I can't give an accurate answer off the bat, but hopefully this helps :-)

  • How much lactose does this product contain per serving?

    Thank you for the question.  The lactose figure is what you can see in the "of which sugars" section of the nutritional table, which is 2.3g per 100g / 0.6g per 25g serving :-)

  • How come your product isn’t packed in BPA & BPS free packaging? Aren’t the micro plastics contaminating the powder?

    Thank you for the question.  Our pouches are BPA-free and BPS-free, could you please let us know what led you to believe this not to be the case?

  • Hi, are you ever going to sell Organic Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate instead of “Concentrate”?

    Thank you for the question.  We used to, but due to various issues we had to discontinue it.  There isn't yet an isolate alternative that is of a high enough standard for us, so we are sticking with just our concentrate for now, which is hard to beat as it is :-)

  • How much protein content is lost if used in a baked food

    Thank you for the question.  The protein content doesn't change when used in baked food, it is just denatured, so the structure changes (to simplify a more complicated answer).  Our bodies will still take in about the same amount of protein. I hope that helps :-)

  • What is the packaging made of ?

    Thank you for the question.  It is made from HDPE.  Please see our packaging page for an explanation of why we went for this packaging material:

  • Is this product suitable for a 13-year old?

    Thank you for the question! Yes it should be absolutely not a problem, provided you keep a close eye on the maximum recommended daily protein intake for a 13 year old. I imagine they will need much less than one regular serving size. And of course assuming they have no dairy allergies too. No harm double checking with their GP also, as I am talking generally, not taking into account their individual medical histories and any other factors I wouldn't be aware of.  Regardless, we have a number of customers who give this to their children, the main thing is to be wary of how much you are giving them :-)

  • Hi, Please could you let me know the total fat content of taking your whey powder, if I have 2 drinks of this per day. I am suffering from high chlorestrol and have to lower fats I consume. Many thanks, hope to receive your reply soon.

    Hello! Thank you for the question.  It contains 5.1g fat per 100g, or 1.3g fat per 25g serving.  You can see all of the nutritional information by clicking on the "nutrition" circle - I hope that helps :-)

  • Hello Can diabetic people use your powder?

    Hi there, thank you for the question!  Yes, the unflavoured version is suitable for diabetics :-)

  • Does this whey protein contain emulsifiers? How processed is it and has it gone through third party testing?

    Thank you for the question.  It contains no emulsifiers at all, and indeed no other additives.  Regarding third party testing, yes we publish independent third party nutritional test results for every batch here:

    We are still awaiting results from some the most recent batches :-)

  • Is there any way of blending / mixing this without producing so much foam? It’s really putting me off drinking it (I also like to use protein shakes on cereal, so load of foam makes this very unpleasant). Thank you.

    Thank you for the question.  Using less liquid that can help avoid the foaming, and/or blending for a shorter period of time. If using a blender instead of a hand shaker, it really doesn't need to be blended for long at all, just a few seconds is often long enough, depending on how powerful the blender is.  If you have a handheld milk frother, that is quite a good alternative method of mixing it up without getting a lot of froth going on too.  I hope that helps :-)

  • The amount of fluid - 75-100ml to 3.5 scoops seems very small indeed. Would adding more fluid (I use coconut milk) dilute the amount of protein in each serving?

    Thank you for the question.  The serving size for 75-100ml is 2 scoops, not 3.5 scoops.  If you are using more scoops, then you can add more liquid, and indeed you can add more liquid than 75-100ml if you are using 2 scoops also, it just won't be as creamy.  Using more liquid won't affect the protein content as long as you drink it all :-)

  • Hi is this product gluten free please ( if you have a protein shake that is thanks

    Thank you for the question.  Yes, all our products are gluten free and every batch is tested for gluten to be certain :-)

  • Are you able to provide a complete amino acid profile, in g/100g? Thank you

    Thank you for the question.  No problem at all - if you click on the "nutrition" circle, you can see the full amino acid profile (per 100g and per 25g) just beneath the main nutritional information :-)

  • I need to be reassured that they don’t give any kind of hormones to the caws and are 100% organic/wild grass fed. Thank you.

    Thank you for the question. The cows aren't given any hormones at all, however the cows are fed some grains such as barley and oats alongside their (year-round) grass intake. They roam outside in fields during the spring and summer months, and are fed grass in the form of hay, haylage and silage during the winter months, in spacious, clean, naturally lit barns, as required by organic certification standards.  I hope that helps :-)

  • What ingredients it contains & how whey is made

    Hello, thank you for the questions.  It contains whey from organic cheese makers and nothing else.  The whey is separated from the curds using cultiures similar to what you find in yoghurt, and while the curds go on to be made into cheese, the whey (which used be just be discarded) is filtered using ceramic membranes in a process called ultrafiltration, after which it is spray dried.  And that is it, no other ingredients or processing at all :-)

  • Can I use this on a 14 year old who plays sport, he is lacking protein in his diet. Can I add this to cooking such as cakes and baked?

    Thank you for the question.  Yes it is suitable for 14 year olds, provided you are aware of his daily protein intake, and as long as you are careful to only give him as much extra protein as he needs and no more, sticking with the maximum recommended daily allowance for a child of 14 (we are unable to assist with this unfortunately).  And of course provided he doesn't have any dairy allergies. 

    As for cooking in cakes and other baked things, yes that is a good way of increasing the protein content.  You do need to add a little extra liquid when adding whey protein, as you can end up with a drier dough once cooked otherwise.  The whey protein is best used unheated to preserve the proteins, but you still get most of the best benefits of the protein when cooked too.  I hope that helps :-)

  • Hi, is this one safe for Pregnancy? I would like to mix some unflavored protein with my soups as Im struggling getting some protein in due some sickness.

    Thank you for the question. Yes, it is considered safe to take while pregnant, and indeed we have had many pregnant customers use our whey protein. It’s always wise to consult your doctor first however, in case in case there is anything in your medical history we aren't aware of that might cause it to be unsuitable for you :-)

  • Does this product have sweetener? I am looking for one without.

    Thank you for the question Sophia! There are no sweeteners at all, in fact there is just one ingredient: organic whey protein, and nothing else :-)

  • Hi, does the whey isolate help provide glutathione, in a similar way to Immunocal? Many thanks.

    Thank you for the question, Jessica. Yes it does, as it contains all of the amino acids needed by the body to produce Glutathione :-)

  • Which country is the whey sourced from?

    Hello Ed, I'm sorry for the slow reply - we didn't get a notification for some reason :(

    The whey comes from Germany :-)

  • I am lactose intolerant but would like to take your product if it does not contain lactose

    Thank you for the question, Din. It does contain lactose - between 2-5g per 100g. People with a mild lactose intolerance are often ok using our whey protein due to the low lactose levels, but if it is more moderate to severe then it might be wise to steer clear. Skimmed milk powder contains around 50% lactose, and regular dried whey contains upwards of around 60% lactose, so you can see most of the lactose has been filtered out. But again, whether or not this will be ok for you depends very much on how severe your intolerance is, or how willing you'd be to take lactase enzyme every time you have it :-)

  • Hi as I keep buying your protein I’m thinking of subscribing to save some money but was wondering if you do any longer than 6 weeks? Thanks Megan

    Thank you for the question. We could certainly have a look at adding another option. How long would you like the gap to be between subscriptions? :-)

  • Hi, is this safe to use while breastfeeding please? Thanks

    Thank you for the question Becky! Yes it is safe to use while breastfeeding :-)

  • I have an opened bag of pure protein powder that have been there for few months. How long does it last once open? Is it safe to consume after x amount of months?

    Thank you for asking, Patricia. It can last for many months after being opened. Years in fact. We state 6 weeks on the pack to stay on the safe side, but in reality you can have an open pack sitting on your shelf for many months or even years before you need to worry about throwing it out - somebody recently got in touch to say he'd found a pack he had opened in 2016 and it still tasted great :-)

  • Is the protein powder free from artificial sweeteners?

    Thank you for the question Vic. Yes, there are no artificial sweeteners, and in fact no sweeteners and no additives whatsoever :-)

  • Hi, I love this stuff! Will you be getting the 1.2kg bags back in stock at all? I go through the 400g packs like nobody's business! :) Thanks Sam

    Hey Sam,

    Thank you for the question. This is going to be back in stock in a couple of weeks, though we can't give an exact date yet unfortunately. Apologies for the lack of stock :-)

    All the best,

  • Hi there is that good for kids as well or no because I want to give my 5year old boy?

    Hi Kamaljeet, thank you for the question. Yes it is generally safe for kids, provided they don't have any milk intolerance issues and please only give them small amounts, keeping in mind the recommended intake of protein for their age group too :-)

  • Hi, do you still do the small one portion size sachets? Also, I’m about to have a total knee replacement in eight weeks time and want to build up the strength in my leg muscles, will the protein powder help me? Thanks 😊

    Hi Kath, thank you for the question. We don't have the small sachets anymore I'm afraid. I do believe that whey protein will be beneficial in your situation, as long you are of course doing leg exercises too - which I'm sure you are. Whey protein on its own won't do the trick, but you do need the amino acids in the protein to repair and build muscles, whether that is from whey protein or other quality protein sources. Whey protein is one of the most easily absorbed protein sources, which is one reason it is so beneficial. I hope that helps :-)

  • Hi! I don't seem to be able to fill my order of Organic Protein the way I usually do. I live in Norway and the offer of free postage in the UK will not apply abroad, but I don't seem able to change the adress from UK to Norway. The offer of free postage will not extend to cover the fare abroad I know, but I woul like to be able to continue to buy my usual protein powder. Thank you.

    Hi Turid,

    I'm afraid we are unable to sell to EU countries now and although Norway isn't in the EU, Brexit has resulted in export from the UK to Norway following the same rules as to the EU. Whey protein is one such product that it is not practically possible for us to supply directly from the UK so we have stopped selling outside the UK altogether.

    I'm sorry to not have better news and thank you for your custom up until now.

    All the best,

  • Hi Is this whey non denatured please? What are daily recommended amount for wound healing? Thank you

    Hi Susan, thank you for the question. It isn’t denatured, as it hasn’t been heated to high enough temperatures for long enough periods of time to completely denature the proteins in the whey. Nor has any acid been used, which is another way that the proteins can be denatured. As for wound healing, that is a very good question - we aren't aware of any specific guidelines for this but I don't belive that you would need more than 1 serving per day, or if you are already consuming a healthy amount of protein on a daily basis then half a serving (12.5g / 1 scoop) I'm sure would be enough. I hope that helps :-)

  • Hi there, I have recently come across your company after searching for whey protein that was organic and GMO free. I was delighted to find that your protein powders fulfilled my criteria. However, there doesn't seem to be any samples available in order for me to make my decision on which flavours to choose. As the whey is a little on the pricey side, I wanted to ensure I was completely happy with the flavours before purchasing all 3 packets. Would it be possible for me to purchase sample sized portions of each of the flavours? Thanks, KH

    Hi Katie,

    Thank you for your message. We can send you sample packs for free on this occasion - which flavours would you like to try? We have everything except for the banana & lucuma in sample form at the moment.

    All the best,

  • Hi I purchased this product as a way to increase protein intake during pregnancy, I was wondering if you could confirm it is safe to take during pregnancy?thank you!

    Hi Sabha, thank you for the question. The answer for most people is yes, with the exception of our Raw Cacao & Maca organic whey protein. It’s always wise to consult your doctor first however, in case of any possible medical reasons that we aren’t aware of :-)

  • Have you considered selling larger pouches? I think this would be a popular move. I'd rather have one, large pouch than several pouches cluttering cupboards and work surfaces. Plus it's more efficient and more environmentally friendly, too.

    Thank you for the question Alex. This is something we've wanted to do for a long time and we do plan to finally offer bigger bags soon, so watch this space :)

  • Hi does your protein thicken when added to liquid? I’m looking for something a bit more versatile than the normal milk shake consistency. Thanks Sam Temple

    Hi Sam, it does thicken a bit, depending of course on how much liquid you are using. Compared to vegan protein powders such as pea protein it is much less thick, as whey protein is water soluble (which vegan protein powders aren't), so it makes for a much lighter consistency.

    However, if you are adding it straight into a hot liquid, it will clump as the proteins become denatured. You can still use it in hot drinks or other heated foods, but you are much better off mixing it in before heating up and if it is a liquid you're mixing it into, you'll need to stir constantly while it heats up to avoid clumping.

    Thank you for the question and I hope that helps :-)

  • i have IBS so my stomach can be quite sensitive but i want to gain weight so is it possible to still use this?

    Hi Tasnim,

    Thank you for the question. It seems that whey protein can be fine for some people with IBS, but not for others. So the only way to know is to try it out for yourself to be honest. I'm sorry I can't give a more definitive answer, but it really comes down to each individual.

  • Hi, I have just placed an order with you and mistakenly ordered the wrong one. I wanted the vanilla whey powder - not the unflavored kind. Please would you kindly change my order to Vanilla??? Sincerely Elaine

    Thank you very much for your order Elaine. No problem, we will send out the vanilla instead :-)

  • Hello, does this whey come in non plastic packaging? Thank you.

    Hi Penelope, thank you for the question.

    At the moment it is paper, with a small amount of plastic to help keep the whey protein fresh and ensure the pouches don't break too easily.

    We will soon be switching to a recyclable plastic pouch - so going fully plastic. The reasons for this are twofold:

    1) Recyclable plastic is currently recycled a lot more versus compostable packaging being composted, due to a lack of local council composting support and the fact that around 97% of UK residents don't have a compost heap (

    2) Believe it or not, plastic at the moment results in lower greenhouse gas emissions than paper, glass, metal and most compostable packaging materials. So this puts into question how plastic-free packaging can be labelled "eco friendly" when they are contributing more to the biggest problem we currently face, which is global heating as a result of greenhouse gases.

    Plastic isn't environmentally friendly by any means, but for a product such as whey protein that requires packaging that will keep it fresh for up to two years, the "least worst" option, on balance, is a recyclable plastic. Any company telling you that their plastic-free packaging is more environmentally friendly than plastic packaging are in most cases unfortunately either misinformed or dishonest.

    Yes ocean plastic pollution is terrible (90% of which comes from, if I recall correctly, just 9 rivers - in countries with no meaningful waste management systems in place). However, increasing global temperatures are an even bigger problem, so our primary goal is to use whatever creates the least amount of greenhouse gases.

    I hope that makes sense - we will be elaborating on this soon, along with citations of the studies that lead to this conclusion.

    Lastly, we are focusing is on packaging reduction - the less packaging the better, while testing out new packaging innovations as we find them, that will hopefully lead us to transitioning to a packaging material that is genuinely more environmentally friendly than plastic. This takes time however, and as of yet we have not found anything suitable to replace plastic, at least from an environmental friendliness point of view.

  • Can I take this protein powder as I m a breastfeeding mother of a 4 months old baby??

    Hello there! Many pregnant and breastfeeding mothers have used our organic whey protein so I would say absolutely yes, however we always recommend seeking the advice of a doctor beforehand - especially if there have been any kind of dairy intolerance issues in your family. It does have very low heavy metal levels though, as well as no additives, which are normally the main concerns when purchasing this sort of product. Perhaps steer clear of the Raw Cacao & Maca version though as it can have a very slight stimulant effect. Thank you for asking :-)

  • Hi guys. Are the cows used fed on a 100% grass diet? Are they pasture raised or do they also eat grains and soy?

    Hi Ashleigh,

    Thank you for the question - that's a good one. Although they are pasture raised, grass constitures apprxomately 60% of their diet year-round, supplemented with grains such as barley, oats and millet. As for soy - some of the farms inevitably use feed "concentrate" which does usually contain soy. Obviously it is organic soya, but soya nevertheless. That doesn't mean the soy ends up in the whey of course :-)

    Many thanks,

  • Is there any artificial sweeteners in this product? The likes of splenda or stevia?

    Hi Lizzie, thank you for the question. There are no sweeteners at all, neither artificial nor otherwise. It is just 100% pure organic whey protein powder :-)

  • Hi there - hope all is well May I ask what is the expiry date of your current inventory? Thanks !

    Hi Alex - I hope you are well too, thank you for your question. The Best Before End date of the current inventory is May 2021 :-)

  • I am type 2 diabetic . How much sugar is there in this product?

    Hi Andrew, thank you for the question. There is on average 2.3g sugar (in the form of lactose) per 100g, though in the latest batch it is higher than average - 5.8g per 100g. I hope this helps :-)

  • Hi there, is this whey protein concentrate or isolate?

    Hi Jay, this is a whey protein concentrate. Thank you for asking :-)

  • Hey there, Does your protein powder contain any Creatine or DHEA? Thanks Rob

    Hi Rob, I'm pleased to say that none of our protein powders contain Creatine or DHEA. We don't use any additives, just whole food ingredients and grass fed organic whey protein concentrate. In the case of our Pure Unflavoured organic whey protein, it is 100% organic whey protein and nothing else. Thank you for asking :-)

  • Hi, I’d like to take this with me on a 1-week hike. A few questions - is the packaging/ closing system sturdy enough to be carried in a backpack? - can it keep in a bag with 20-30 degrees temperature? - can I just add it in a bottle and shake it, or is a blender recommended? Thanks a lot !

    Hi Alex,

    Great questions!

    1) The packaging is strong enough to keep in a backpack I think, but the closing system wouldn't withstand a lot of knocking about, or if it was squashed by other things in your backpack I could see the seal coming loose. It is also easy to get the whey protein stuck in the zipper, which can cause sealing problems too. To avoid any spillages I would recommend decanting into a more foolproof container with a screw lid or perhaps tupperware.

    2) We don't advise storing above 25C but I can't think of any major reasons not to store it at up to 30C for a week.

    3) A blender is the easiest way of mixing it, but you can shake it in bottle too - just make sure to shake really vigorously for 20-30 seconds otherwise it will be lumpy.

    Thank you for asking and I hope you have a great time!

    All the best,

  • Hi, My cholesterol level is a bit high ( LDL 153mg\dl) although my weight is normal and body fat is low. Will taking two scoops after workouts affect it negatively? I m working out 4 times a week and my workout plan is quite heavy, with a lot of weight lifting. My diet plan is is low on fat and sugar. Many thanks

    Hi Michael,

    That's a good question. I don't know is the short honest answer, but I can tell you the average cholesterol level of our Pure Unflavoured organic whey protein is 0.15%, which I believe is very low. Whether the calories from the protein, fat and other nutritional content will contribute significantly to your body's cholesterol is something I'm not sure of unfortunately.

    I'm sorry I can't give you any more help with this, perhaps your doctor might be able to advise if you bring it next time you visit.

    All the best,

  • Is this safe to use for a smoothie during pregnancy?

    Hi Kayleigh, the answer for most people is yes, with the exception of our Raw Cacao & Maca organic whey protein. It’s always wise to consult your doctor first however, in case of any possible medical reasons that we aren’t aware of. I hope that helps :-)

  • Hi, I don't see anywhere the recommended daily amount to take? Thanks

    Hi Dave, thank you for the question! In the serving instructions we say to use 1 to 2 servings daily or as required, so that would be 2 scoops (approximately 25g) for one serving but it all depends on how much exercise you are doing (if any) and what you are using the protein for. You can't go far wrong with two scoops per day as a guideline amount, on the other hand some people who are using it for purely health reasons have just one scoop as they don't need that much protein. I hope this helps, and do let us know if you need any further clarification on anything :-)

  • Please can you tell me if your unflavoured pure organic protein powder contains potassium and how much? I need to know as I have a heart condition and I have to limit my potassium intake drastically. Thank you so much for your help. Best wishes, Allie Henderson

    Hi Allie! It contains 420mg of Potassium per 100g, so 105mg per 25g serving. This is the average figure from multiple batches that the producer has given us though, so as it is an important factor for you we will include Potassium in the latest round of tests. We'll be sending a sample to the lab for calcium and phosphorus testing in the next day or so, therefore I will ask them to test for Potassium too. I hope that helps and thank you very much for asking :-)

  • Hi there! Do you guys deliver to the Canary Islands? Thanks

    Hi Jerry, unfortunately we don't ship outside Europe so although the Canary Islands are part of the EU (as I understand it anyhow), we still can't deliver there as there are still extra customs checks which makes sending our type of product more difficult and expensive to do. We may look at offering worldwide delivery in due course though.

    Many thanks,

  • Hello, Can you tell me if the protein is from A2 milk/Cows ( Jersey cows).

    Hi Madelon, thank you for the question. The milk comes mostly from Holstein cows, which is A1. However when it comes to whey protein, whether it’s A1 or A2 doesn’t make any real difference as far as I'm aware as the A2 and A1 proteins refer to the casein proteins in the milk, however all but the tiniest of traces are removed during the filtration process the whey protein goes through. The whey proteins in A1 and A2 are very much the same as far as I’m aware. I hope that helps :-)

  • Have you stopped taking Apple Pay?

    Hi Lee, we're still accepting Apple Pay. Is it not working for you? We don't have any Apple devices here right now to test it with but will test it out on our iPad this evening :-)

  • Hello! Is your whey protein made pasteurized milk or raw milk? Thanks

    Hi Ingrida, it is made with pasteurised milk. I hope that helps :-)

  • Is your product stocked in shops or is it only available online?

    Hi Lisa, yes our whey protein is stocked by a number of independent health food stores in the UK. If you live in London you can find it in all Planet Organic stores and most Whole Foods stores as a well as a few smaller places, however if you don't live in London do let us know by emailing and we can see if there are any in your area. A list of stockists will be added to the website soon too. Thanks for asking!

  • Is your protein powder very sweet?

    Hi Cristina, our protein powder doesn't contain any sweeteners so there isn't any sweetness to it at all. I hope that helps :-)

  • Hi Dan - I am looking to boost my glutathione levels and have read that on a health website that I should look for a whey protein that contains at least9% ideally 10% serum albumin. From a brief search I am finding some whey proteins list it at at 3-5% but nothing higher. When it comes to yours I see no mention of it at all. Do you know the content level and can it be added to the the nutritional info Also I see no mention on glutamylcycsteine levels. Please advise. Cheers!

    Hi Alan, thank you for the question! We've struggled to find a lab in the UK that is able to test for these to be perfectly honest, however I will make some more enquiries and see if we can find somewhere potentially outside of the UK as an alternative. I’ll let you know if we have any luck with that.

  • Dear Team, I am very interested in your organic whey protein. For religious reasons I can not have alcohol. Can I please ask if the whey protein contains alcohol or if alcohol is used in it preparation? Best wishes Ommar Hannan

    Hi Ommar, I'm pleased to say that no alcohol is used at any point during the production of our whey protein. It is completely alcohol free. Thank you for asking :-)

  • I am a nutritional therapist and my client is interested in trying whey protein although its possible hes lactose intolerant (not confirmed) I have suggested we find out if whey is ok for him by trying a sample. I think i had a sample of your product before and it was very nice. Is it possible to send me some more so i can give to clients like him to try?

    Hi Catherine! Absolutely, if you email across your delivery address to, we'll then send out some more samples for you. Many thanks :-)

  • What is the lactose content in mg/100g ?

    Hi Claudio, thank you for asking. The lactose content is on average 3.5g per 100g so 3500mg, though in our last lab test it was 1.2g per 100g. Compared to a skimmed milk powder, which can contain around 50% lactose, this is pretty low. I hope that helps :-)

  • Hi I did a fair amount of research and thought that your product would be good to help my son and myself. My son is training towards a GB Trials and says that he can't use this product as it is a supplement and not listed as safe in a register of steroid free / uncontaminated products. I have tried to reassure him given the organic status and certification. But what do I know!

    Hi Matthew. Although organic certification does offer a lot of reassurance, professional athletes do of course need to be extra vigilant due to the repercussions should they test positive for any banned substances. Rest assured we don’t add anything to our whey protein, however it is very costly to become officially certified as not containing any of these substances so for now we’re unable to go through the vetting process purely because of the costs involved. Thanks again for asking and have a great week.

  • Hi, Please let me know what type of protein your protein is: WPC; WPI or WPH Thanks

    Hi Charlie, thanks for asking. It's WPC. For those who don't know what WPC is, this means Whey Protein Concentrate. Thanks again Charlie :-)

  • Hi! I'm a nutritionist and often recommend supplements to my clients. A lot of my clients ask about protein powders and after lots of research, yours seems to be one of the best ones around. Would it be possible for you to send me a few samples so I could try the powder out myself before recommending to clients? Thanks!! Hayley

    Hi Hayley, absolutely! Feel free to email across your address to and we’ll send a sample to you. Thank you for asking:-)

  • Hi, does whey protein contain purines? Thank you.

    Hi Violet, whey protein is known to contain low levels of purines so it's normally ok to take for those looking to limit their purine intake. I hope that helps.

  • Are you certified organic are you third party tested how what proof have you got that you say your product it what it is ,, not just on words ?'

    Hi Nat. Yes we're certified organic (by The Organic Food Federation) and we've had our organic whey protein tested by an independent lab. A link to the test certificate is available under the "Nutrition" tab. In terms of proof that it is what we say it is, our producer is audited to ISO 9001 standards and inspected annually by their organic certifying body BCS ÖKO Garantie. These are thorough audits (ISO 9001 especially) that don't allow room for fraudulent product claims. Plus we have hundreds of genuine reviews from people who have been taking it and finding it to be a great help with their various health goals, which I’m sure wouldn’t be the case if it wasn’t the real deal even if you take the placebo effect into consideration. I hope that helps :-)

  • Can I buy this directly, or from a shop in Brighton?

    Hi Rebecca, unfortunately that's not possible at this stage. We should soon have stockists in Brighton but not yet. Thanks for asking.

  • Can you please tell me if it's A1 or A2 milk as I understand that it can have allergy implications.

    Hi Anne, the milk our whey comes from is A1 milk, however the A1 vs A2 issue isn’t really relevant to whey protein as it’s the casein protein allergen that has been shown to be less of an issue in A2 milk. The whey protein isn’t significantly different between the two, and the majority of people allergic to milk are allergic to either lactose or the casein protein; whey protein allergies are comparatively uncommon. The casein is removed during the filtration process, so at most there are only trace amounts of this is in the whey protein, if any at all. I hope that helps :-)

  • Hi, I know the whey is supposed to be gluten free, but is it also packaged in entirely gluten free environments? or do they handle gluten where they package the powder or at any point in the production and packaging chain? Thanks!

    Hi Sam. Yes, it is produced and packed in facilities that are free from gluten containing products and each batch is tested for gluten after packing too just to be sure. Where it is packed there are gluten containing products packed too, however these are in rooms separate from the allergen-controlled packing room (which is where our whey protein is packed). This room is also controlled to ensure nuts and other allergens aren’t able to enter also. Thanks for asking :-)

  • Hi there, I am looking at the nutritional values of a product per 100g = 77g of protein but rest of the ingeredienta carbs,fat etc. Don't add up to 100g. Could you please give me exact nutritional values? Many thanks

    Hi Julia, thank you for asking. The nutritional information shown on the pack, as with any food product, doesn’t show everything that the whey protein is composed of. For example there are many minerals, immunoglobulins and other natural compounds that are naturally present in there too, but as there are so many we only show the main categories and those that are present in a notable amount (calcium and phosphorus being the only two we’ve included that aren’t required according to labelling law as they are present in quite significant amounts). For example, I’ve just added up the per 100g nutritional figures on a bag of peanuts and it only came to a total of 84g. There is more to a peanut that the nutritional values shown on the pack, and the same applies to whey protein. I hope that makes sense :-)

  • Hello, Am 22 weeks pregnant and looking for good protein shakes. I ordered one from Amazon but just wanted to check safety of product on pregnant women. I did see an answer below but my only worry is low levels of heavy metals. Does it contain traces of heavy metals? Is it ok for pregnant women to consume everyday which am planning to. I asked my doctor and they said it's up to me. Please advise

    Hi Priya, the very low levels of heavy metals is definitely a good thing especially if you're pregnant. All foods contain traces of heavy metals, it's those that contain higher levels that you need to avoid when pregnant, such as most fish for example. Some protein powders have been found to contain high levels of heavy metals, which is why we had ours tested, so it was great to see that even using the lowest testing limits the lab didn't find any heavy metals. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain any, they just aren’t present in the parameters they test for. For a more detailed explanation of how the heavy metals are tested, along with a comparison to maximum allowed levels feel free to check out our blog post on this: :-)

  • Hi Please advise if your whey protein is cold processed and also if it is Concentrate or Isolate Thanks Jude

    Thank you for the question Jude. It is cold processed within the context of whey protein, however it’s still from pasteurised milk (70C for 15 seconds), which is the same with other whey proteins that are labelled as cold processed. Just letting you know as “cold processed” is a somewhat deceptive term when it comes to whey protein, as 70C isn’t cold per se. To answer your second question, our whey protein is a concentrate.

  • Hi there I would like to know can pregnant woman take this product? Many thanks Melissa

    Hi Melissa. A lot of people ask us if our whey protein is safe to use when pregnant and we always say yes, but on the proviso that you seek the advice of a qualified doctor to be doubly sure that this sort of product is going to be ok. Having said that, a number of our customers have used our whey protein while pregnant (and while breastfeeding too). It has been tested and shown to contain particularly low levels of heavy metals, and as it is completely pure there are none of the chemical additives that a lot of other whey protein brands contain. Finally, our whey protein is of course organic, so you don’t need to worry about there being high levels of pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics either. So ultimately, it’s as safe as you’re going to get, but please do consider double checking with your doctor, as our advice is given with no medical background and without prior knowledge of your medical history. I hope this helps :-)

  • Is this safe for breastfeeding mothers?

    Hi Louise. We’d recommend asking your doctor before using our (or indeed any) protein powder while breastfeeding, though breastfeeding mothers have had our whey protein already and it’s very low in heavy metals, as well as being organic + contains no additives. So I would say yes it’s ok to have while breastfeeding but definitely check with your doctor first. I hope that helps.

  • This might seem obvious, so please forgive me if I sound silly but does this product contain lactose? I just bought it and I am lactose intolerant so I want to make sure before I dive in! Thanks!

    Hi Susan, no problem at all, we are asked this quite frequently.  It does contain lactose, on last testing it was around 2.3% lactose which is a lot lower than you get from ordinary cow's milk, so some people with a milder lactose intolerance can be ok with our whey protein, but generally it's not really suitable for those who are lactose intolerant.  Please feel free to return the pack if you'd prefer not to use it and we'll be happy to issue a refund. If you can let us know your order details by email at before returning the pack that would be great. Many thanks :-)

  • Hi Is your whey protein suitable for children as a food supplement? If safe could you advise on dosage for 5-6 yr old? Regards Mitko

    Hi Mitko, we generally advise speaking to your doctor about how much to give to children as we're not really qualified to give that sort of advice to be honest. Sorry I can't help you further on this. Thank you for asking.

  • Can this be mixed in with yoghurt or other foods or does it have to be mixed into a smoothie or other drink? Thanks

    Hi Lauren, it can be mixed with just about anything, including yoghurt. In fact it'a really good with yoghurt, makes it extra creamy :-)

  • Hello I have a Nut allergy. Is it ok to use this product? I want to loose weight and have been told that having whey protein within my diet will help to lose weight. Is this correct? Kind regards Kelli

    Hi Kelli, it's ok to use our whey protein as it's packed in a nut free room :-). As for helping to lose weight, unfortunatelt we're not allowed to make any weight loss claims, as that would be against EU health claim laws. I'm sorry I can't help more on that side of things.

  • I recently purchased this product for the very first time. Very tasty, and pleased its organic and gluten free. However, can I mix the drink at home using my blender, and drink it within an hour of training? As mentioned it does not mix well in a normal beaker so if I wait until I get home to mix it. 2 hours would have lapsed from the end of my workout - until I get home.

    Thank you, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it. You can absolutely do that, after a little while you'll find the whey protein separates a little bit but a quick stir or shake will get it mixed up again. If you're going to leave it for more than a few hours at any point then it would need refrigerating but for a couple of hours it would be ok out of the fridge :-)

  • Is it hormone free and are the cows grass fed?

    Hi Rani, I'm pleased to say that it is indeed both hormone free and grass fed :-)

  • What farm In Germany are the cows from? Also, isn't whey protein a bad idea mixed with sugary fruits?

    Due to a shortage of organic whey it now comes from multiple farms from the UK, France, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. They all follow the same strict EU organic rules, which includes the generous welfare standards that they legally have to follow in order to remain certified organic. I hope that helps :-)

  • How are the particular specifications (i.e. thickness)? Can I simply mix it via a shaker, or do I need a kitchen/smoothie mixer for a proper dissolution in water? Thanks for your feedback

    Hi Ayd, you can mix it in a shaker provided you shake it vigorously for 20-30 seconds. For the quickest and consistently smoothest drink then a blender is your best option :-)

  • Hello, I understand that the current version does not have sweetener (which is good for purity!). So, how would it taste if I directly put into water, shake and drink? Thanks for your feedback.

    Hi Ayd, that's right, in fact our whey protein has always been completely free from sweeteners or indeed any additives at all. Mixed with water it is very neutral, with a creamy taste that varies depending on how much water you use. 100-150ml water gives you a creamier drink, but 200-300ml will make it lighter and less creamy. I personally love it with around 150ml water, the taste is so clean and creamy!

  • Hi I'm looking for a protein to support weight loss would this help?

    Hi Mrs Baker, it can certainly help in terms of cutting out sugar and carbs and it helps keep you fuller for longer too. Of course this depends on the rest of your diet and how much exercise you're doing too, as without a good diet and exercise it won't make a noticeable difference. I hope that helps.

  • greetings is your whey product free from soya, wheat, nuts? - could you specifically clarify them one by one please e.g. yes/no

    Hi Dragon, the answer is no to all of them. Our whey protein is completely free from soya, wheat and nuts :-)

  • Can you take this whey protein whilst pregnant?

    Hi Michelle. A lot of people ask us if our whey protein is safe to use when pregnant and we always say yes, but on the proviso that you seek the advice of a qualified doctor to be doubly sure that this sort of product is going to be ok. Having said that, a number of our customers have used our whey protein while pregnant (and while breastfeeding too). It has been tested and shown to contain particularly low levels of heavy metals, and as it is completely pure there are none of the chemical additives that a lot of other whey protein brands contain. Finally, our whey protein is of course organic, so you don’t need to worry about there being high levels of pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics either. So ultimately, it’s as safe as you’re going to get, but please do consider double checking with your doctor, as our advice is given with no medical background and without prior knowledge of your medical history. I hope this helps :-)

  • Is your product known to be suitable for assisting with weight gain for IBD conditions such as Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis?

    Hi Kt, I know that one of our customers was using our whey protein for Crohns Disease, but besides this one example I don't know of any specific cases in which it has been used for any of these conditions. There does seem to be some anecdotal evidence that whey protein can help, and our whey is certainly of a higher quality than many of the cheaper options available, so provided there are no dairy intolerance issues it could be worth giving a go. The L-Glutamine and immunoglobulins combined with the high digestibility of the whey are two reasons it can be beneficial in some cases it seems. Sorry I can't give a more specific answer and thanks for asking.

  • Dear Dan, do you have info on levels of cholesterol in your protein? Many Thanks

    Hi Riccardo, on the last check it was at 0.15% cholesterol I hope that helps :-)

  • Hi pleas do accept payment with entropay card ? Is a virtual card Thank you

    It looks like this should work as it's a virtual Visa card, so provided the details all match up and there are funds available then you shouldn't have any problems paying with it. That said, I've chatted with our payment provider and they haven't heard of it and neither have we, but they do think it should be ok. Many thanks.

  • Hi! I have a nut allergy. Do you use any peanuts / tree-nuts in your processing plant? Many thanks.

    Hi Stephen, our whey protein produced in a facility that doesn't handle any nuts. It is then packed in a special allergen friendly "clean room" at a facility here in the UK, separate from peanuts and other nuts. So although peanuts are used in the building it's packed in, they are in separate rooms with strict procedures in place to ensure there is no cross-contamination. I hope this helps.

  • Does the organic whey protein contain and casein at all? Thank you

    Hi Simon, most of the casein ends up in the curds that are initially removed from the whey. When the whey is filtered the rest of the casein is removed, however we can’t guarantee that aren’t trace amounts in the final whey protein. So there shouldn’t be any and if there is we’re talking minute, way less than 1% quantities. I hope this helps.

  • I am not yet fully familiar with the standards required for milk to be certified as organic but so I do not have an exhaustive list of points to query. However, please confirm whether the cows are grass fed year round, feed on natural grass which is pesticide and chemical free, never fed on grains, never feed on genetically modified organisms and are not exposed to growth hormones, chemicals, antibiotics, or injected with pathogens.

    Hi Henry. No problem, let me answer those questions for you: 1) Yes the cows are grass fed year round, 2) Yes the grass is free from any artificial pesticides or other chemicals, 3) Their diet can contain up to 40% grains (minimum of 60% grass), 4) They are never fed any genetically modified organisms, 5) There is no exposure to growth hormones, 6) If they are sick they are given antibiotics but their milk isn't used until 6 weeks after antibiotic treatment has finished. 7) They aren't injected with pathogens. In terms of being exposed to chemicals, disinfectants are needed to keep their bedding quarters clean, but they certainly aren't fed or injected with any chemicals. I hope this helps :-)

  • Hi There, I have a question about lactose. I am someone who is sensitive to lactose, i dont get cramps but i do get acne from it. Concentrate is known as having more than whey isolate, i am wondering how high the lactose levels are in your whey. Also do you have any plans to launch whey isolate? Many Thanks Ed

    Hi Ed, thank you for asking! The total lactose level is 2.3g per 100g, which is certainly at the lower end of the scale. We don't plan on launching an organic whey protein isolate, mainly because currently the supply of organic whey is fairly limited, which makes producing an isolate in addition to concentrate rather difficult to do. I hope this helps.

  • Could you provide me with details of shops in London where I could walk in and buy your product? I do not like online orders as I am hardly home to receive them. Please provide few list of your dealers at least. Thanks.

    Hi Ama, thank you for the question. It is currently available at all Planet Organic stores in London :-)

  • Does the protein act like a stimulant? I'm very sensitive to these. I cannot have caffeine or hemp products.

    Hi Susan, although it can help with general energy levels I'm pleased to say that it doesn't act as a stimulant in any way. I hope this helps :-)

  • Is the organic milk that you use non homogenised?

    Hi Ruth, I'm pleased to say that isn't made from homogenised milk, just organic milk that's been pasteurised for 15 seconds at 70 Degrees Celcius. Thanks for asking.

  • Hi there, Is there an option to order a small sample pack? Or is the smallest size the 400g?

    Hi Dean, we don't sell any sample packs yet but these will be coming in the watch this space! Thanks for asking.

  • Can I have 1 and a half scoops 3 times a day?

    Hi Carlos, I wouldn't recommend having more than 3 scoops per day unless you're doing a lot of heavy lifting. We try to encourage people to get their protein intake from more than one food, so although whey protein is great it's a good idea to have other protein foods too, such as fish, beans and pulses.

  • Does your protein contain sucrose?

    Hi Carlos, nope there's no sucrose. In fact there are no sweeteners or additives at all. I hope this helps.

  • Hi is this suitable to take whilst pregnant or nursing?

    Hi Fary, thank you for asking. We've had a number of customers who have used (and currently use) our whey protein during pregnancy, so it should be perfectly fine. However I always recommend asking a doctor beforehand, as there is very little, if any, official guidance on using whey protein while pregnant. I'm sorry I can't give a more definitive answer, I just believe it would be irresponsible of me to give an absolute yes as I'm not a medical professional, nor do I know the ins and outs of what should and shouldn't be consumed during pregnancy.

  • Hi Dan, I understand that the whey protein is sprayed dried, would this be for 'instantising' or other specific reason? . Also, I note that you mentioned the protein is soy free, which is a good thing. However, with spray driying, id be grateful if you could let me know whether soy lecithin is used for this purpose or is something else, if so, what is used for this activity. I've seen other organic brands claiming to be soy free, but when looking through the list of ingredients, soy lecithin is stated for spray drying / instantising! Additionally, I look forward to the information regarding tests for heavy metals, arsenic etc (salmonella, E.Coli and so on). Perhaps, in future, when tests are conducted on each batch, could you make the report available on your website for customers to view? Many thanks, Pravin.

    Hey Kash. It is spray dried purely for the sake of drying it in a powder form, nothing is added at this stage or any other is completely free from additives and therefore free of soy or any other lecithin. Thanks for raising the point about publishing test results on the website, that's a good idea. Update, 12th April 2016: Good news, we've now had it tested for heavy metals. If you click on the Nutrition section on this page you can see the results there. In short, the results couldn't really be any better!

  • I bought a pack of whey protein about a year ago. I put it in a sealed Kilner jar. Would it still be ok to consume after a year? Thanks Zain

    Hi Zain, though I know of people who have consumed whey protein after the best before date (and didn't experience any issues) I wouldn't recommend consuming it, just in case.

  • Hi there, I am curious if you have thought about producing the protein flavoured in the future, potentially vanilla bean as I understand this can be done naturally without any artificial flavouring additives. Have you ever considered this? Kind Regards, Dimitri

    Hi Dimitri, we are considering developing a range of flavours, so thanks for bringing that up. Vanilla would be a good place to start for sure!

  • Is your process 100% filtration ? Is it coupled with the use of hydrochloric acid or others chemicals / electrophoresis to process the whey?

    Hi Seb, yes it is purely mechanical filtration so no chemicals, acids or any additives of any kind are used at any stage in the process. Thank you for asking.

  • I can't find a list of ingredients to tell me if there is any added sweetener or anything else in this?

    Hi Vicky, unfortunately if you're searching using Google, it automatically changes the search to "aspartame", although there isn't a great deal of information about Aspartamine out there anyhow. It is a naturally occurring amino acid that is present in all dairy foods, beef, sprouting seeds, asparagus and oats. Aspartamine is also known as Aspartic Acid, and you can read a bit more info about that here:

  • Is it cold pressed?

    Hi Nick, it is filtered without the use of heat so technically this would make it cold pressed.

  • Is this whey spray dried?

    Hi Rasa, yes it is indeed spray dried. Thanks for asking.

  • Do you have info on levels of CLA in your protein? Trying to work out if there is a big difference in nutritional profile of organic vs conventional whey. Are there studies on this in Europe? Thanks

    Hi John, we don't have any information on CLA levels to be honest. Milk from organic cows feeding on a primarily grass based diet has been shown to produce milk containing higher levels of omega 3, lower omega 6 and more CLA, so in theory that would translate to there being more of these in the resulting whey protein. However at only 4% fat it wouldn't be at very significant levels.

  • Is your product available from a provider in the United States?

    Hi Keith, unfortunately not. We won't be ruling out selling in the US in the future, but that isn't likely for some time yet I'm afraid.

  • Is there Glutamic Acid in the Whey Concentrate and, if so, how much?

    Hi Fran, there is indeed. Each 20g serving contains 2.62g of Glutamic Acid. I hope this helps.

  • Is it made from pasteurized milk?

    Hi Kryzysztof, yes it is pasteurised at 70 degrees Celcius for 15 seconds. This is long enough to kill any bacteria without fully denaturing the proteins.

  • Hello, how many grams of BCAA and glutamine per serving is in there? Many thanks.

    Hi Judith, in terms of BCAAs, per 20g serving there is 1900mg of Leucine, 840mg Isoleucine and 780mg Valine. As for Glutamine, you get 2620mg per 20g serving. I hope this helps.

  • I've seen when I've bought whey protein from other sources that it's either Concentrate or Isolate. Can you tell me what type this is? Thanks.

    Hi William, this is a whey protein concentrate. Thank you.

  • What is the immunoglobulin profile of this powder?

    Hi Andreas, thanks for asking. There is 3.3g of Immunoglobulin G (IgG) per 100g :-)

  • Hi Dan, I was wondering if you could tell me whether your product is drug tested to specifications set by WADA for harmful/banned substances for drug tested athletes. Thanks, Tom

    Hey Tom, as of yet we aren't testing our whey protein for trace elements of harmful/banned substances as detailed by WADA, but this is something we might look into in the future. Rest assured neither we nor our producer add anything to it, but I completely understand that as an athlete you need to be 100% certain. Thanks for asking, I hope this helps.

  • Hi How is it that since the move from US based manufactures of your whey where your total carb content was 9g per 100g (including the fibre that happens to be 0g as its a milk based product) to your germon based manufacturer (bravo by the way good choice may be switzerland would of been better however :0) your whey suddenly has 4g of fiber? How is this in fact possible and where does it come from? Most if not all dairy from my knowlage has 0g of fibre. Is it a typo in your labelling or is it legitimate and if so shouldn't your total carbs actually read 11.7g per 100g! Very important for someone tracking their macronutrients to know. Thanks :0)

    Hi Marc, that's a very good question indeed. We too were surprised to find 4.1g of fibre after having it tested, but rest assured this isn't a typo. The whey protein from the USA was tested over there too, where labelling laws require the Total Carbohydrate to be displayed (including fibre). This time round, as we had the new batch tested here in the UK we were advised to show the Available Carbohydrate, which doesn't include dietary fibre as part of the carb count, as our bodies don't actually digest the 4.1g of fibre; therefore it doesn't provide us with energy. So if we used USA labelling guidelines the carb count would indeed be 11.7g of carbs. I apologise if this confuses the tracking of your macronutrients, it's purely down to differing labelling laws between the USA and UK. I hope this helps :)

  • i've read about other wheys containing arsenic or heavy metals. is the whey powder free from them? is it tested by the lab? thanks

    Hi Zac. We haven't yet had it tested for heavy metals, but rest assured this will be happening soon. I'll keep you posted. Update, 12th April 2016: Good news, we've now had it tested for heavy metals. If you click on the Nutrition section on this page you can see the results there. In short, the results couldn't really be any better!

  • whats the ph of the whey. thanks for quick reply.

    No problem at all James. The average ph is around the 7 mark, which is neutral.

  • I see it's certified organic. Who by? Here or germany? Is it the milk that is before, or the whey itself? Cheers

    Hi James. It is certified organic on the farms where the cows live, at the cheese makers where the whey is separated from the curds in the milk, at the facility where it is filtered into whey protein and lastly here in the UK where it is other words at every single stage. The Organic Food Federation is the certifying body that we are registered with here in the UK. Thank you for asking :)

  • is the whey tested for any harmful substances and the nutritional content. if so where abouts uk or germany? who is the testing done by and what is the process.thanks again

    We have it tested for the nutritional information here in the UK by ALS Food & Pharmaceutical, one of the UK's leading food testing laboratories This is in addition to the nutritional testing carried out by our producer, who also test it for yeasts, moulds, enterobacteriaceae and salmonella too. If you'd like to see our nutritional test certificate feel free to contact us on and I'll be happy to send a copy to you.

  • hello again. is the whey packaged here in uk or germany? how is the whey stored on arrivle to uk and stored in uk.thanks

    Hi again, no problem at all. The whey protein is packaged in 15kg bags in Germany and we then package it in our 400g pouches here in the UK. The whey protein is stored either in the original 15kg bags until it's transferred to our pouches.

  • Why can't you source from UK family farms? How come it's changed to Germany?

    Hey Bob, that's a good question. It comes down to the fact that currently in the UK there isn't a large enough quantity of organic whey being produced in the same area. You need a heck of a lot of whey to make producing whey protein commercially viable you see. We've switched to Germany partly to significantly reduce our carbon footprint but also because organic dairy welfare standards are higher in Germany (and the rest Europe) than in the USA. It has lower levels of lactose and fat, and higher levels of Calcium, Chloride, Phosphorus and Potassium than our previous organic whey source in the USA. It goes through an even gentler filtration process too, at similarly low temperatures to our orginial producer. Thanks for asking, I hope this is of help.

  • How many grams is a 1 scoop serving? So how many 1 scoop servings in a 400g bag?

    Hi Rishi, there are 25 grams in each scoop serving and in each pack there are 16 servings.

  • Does the whey contain any preservatives?

    Hi Robert, our organic whey protein doesn't contain any preservatives, in fact it's completely free from any additives at all. I hope this helps and thank you for asking!

  • How many scoops should you use in a serving?

    Hi Siobhan, that really depends on your health/fitness goals but we normally recommend using one scoop, which gives you 15.4g of protein. You only really need more than that if you're trying to build lots of muscle. Thanks for asking :)

  • hello i would like to know what L aspartamine is, its listed in the amino acid list. many thanks.

    L-Aspartamine, or Aspartic Acid as it's more commonly known, is a non-essential amino acid found in a number of different foods, such as dairy, beef, sprouting seeds, asparagus and oats. Not to be confused the artificial sweetener aspartame. Thank you Amjid, I hope this helps.

  • hi, is the whey rGBH free

    Hi Simon. Yes it is indeed rBGH free, in fact it's completely hormone free. Thanks for asking!

  • I've seen other organic whey protein companys have BPA FREE packaging , is this one also? Thank you :)

    Hi Qasim, I can confirm that our packaging is indeed BPA free. The only plastic used is polyethylene, which contains no BPA. When it comes to BPA in plastic food packaging polycarbonate is the main one to be wary of. I hope this helps.