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Whey protein questions

Yes. Thankfully all hormone treatments are banned in the EU and UK.

Yes they are and we have every batch tested to be certain.

It is a concentrate - made by filtering fresh whey from organic cheesemakers in the UK & Europe :-)

We have had our Pure Unflavoured organic whey protein tested, and the results are significantly lower than recommended EU maximum levels.

You can see the latest test results here.

No, as they aren't heated to excessive temperatures for a long enough period of time, nor are they subject to high acidity levels. These are the two main causes for proteins becoming denatured.

On the other hand, there isn't anything terribly wrong with proteins being denatured; when eggs turn white that is due to the proteins in the egg white being denatured due to the heat, or if you leave an egg in a glass of vinegar the same thing happens. Cooking eggs isn't generally considered a bad thing, which is why we think it is absolutely ok to use our whey protein in cooking too :-)

There is no added soya, though soya containing products are packed at the same facility :-)

No, all of our products are 100% GMO-Free.

The cows feed primarily on grass, as well as some cereals such as oats, barley and millet.

There unfortunately isn’t enough organic cheese made in the UK to have a large enough supply of whey to make whey protein with it. You need very large quantities of whey to produce whey protein, as the filtration systems have to filter out such tiny things such as lactose from the whey and therefore the equipment is very expensive and can only be carried out on a very large scale. This is why we have organic whey from the UK combined with organic whey from a few other European countries such as Germany and France.

 The rest is a combination of different minerals, vitamins and other nutrients present in the whey. It’s a similar case for other foods when adding up the total nutritional values on the pack, as there are tiny amounts of many many different things that aren’t shown on the label, as they all occur in such small quantities, but adding them all together they make quite up a decent amount of the total figure.

At present and for the foreseeable future there is no such thing as raw whey protein powder, due to the very large volumes of whey needed to produce whey protein at commercial scale and the current technology for turning this volume of whey into a protein powder. Hundreds of thousands to millions of litres per month are needed to produce whey protein and the only way to make it on a commercial scale does mean that most of the milk will be pasteurised. Additionally, spray drying, which involves heat of up to 200C is used in all whey protein facilities, though the whey protein only passes through for less than a second in most cases. Beware of any whey proteins being sold as raw, cold pressed or cold processed, as they aren’t being honest unfortunately.

Yes. It contains all of the components your body needs to produce Glutathione (Glutamate, Glycine and Cysteine + a Cysteine residue unique to whey protein called Glutamylcysteine).

In a blender for a few seconds (not too long or it will get very
frothy), or shaking vigorously in a hand shaker for 20-30 seconds.  You can also add a small amount of liquid to
form a paste, then slowly add the rest of the liquid while stirring.

In a 400g pack: 16 full 25g servings / 32 half servings

In a 1.2kg pack: 48 full servings / 96 half servings

In the 600g Banana & Lucuma pack: 16 full 25g servings / 32 half servings

For many people a half serving is enough, as it still
contains a lot of protein.

No, we don't add any emulsifiers. Lecithin is often added to whey protein, but we don't add this.

No, none at all. The unflavoured options really do only contain one ingredient, and our flavour blends do really only contain the small number of whole food ingredients in addition to the whey protein. No hidden nasties here :-)


No. Using compostable or “plastic free” materials (including paper) results in the release of more greenhouse gases than regular recyclable plastic, and greenhouse gases are a far bigger problem than plastic litter, and the narrow focus on using anything but plastic is causing more harm than good to the planet. Companies who use plastic free materials while claiming to be more environmentally friendly are unfortunately lying. Please feel free to read more about this on our packaging page.

Because production of non-plastic materials causes the release of more greenhouse gases than plastic.

Yes. We have some packs still using the old non-recyclable packaging, but once the non-recyclable packs have all gone then they will all be recyclable :-)

We use cardboard boxes, without any void fill and a minimal amount of recyclable paper tape.

No, however we have a measuring scoop available for you to buy here. They are made in the UK and one scoop should last you for many years, so you should only ever need to buy the one scoop. Weighing on a set of scales will give you a more accurate measure if you need a precise serving size.


Please send us an email through the contact page, and we will be happy to make any changes, provided your order hasn’t already been dispatched of course. If you are adding anything to your order, we can send you a link to pay any extra.

Yes, if you order through our Mix & Match page you can save 5% when you buy two packs, 10% when you buy three or more, 15% when you buy five or more, or 20% when you buy 10 or more packs, across the entire range.

We accept Visa Credit Cards, Visa Debit Cards, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Shop Pay, and Discover.

Yes, our site uses TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption on all pages. Data such as customer login credentials and credit card numbers are all encrypted during transfer, and therefore protected against a third party intercepting or viewing any of this sensitive data. TLS replaced the older SSL security protocol, though these two terms are often used interchangeably.

Yes, the same TLS encryption applies to payments as it does to the rest of our website. Even we can’t view your full payment details, as it is encrypted.

Yes you can. Please call 01273 921630 between 09:00 and 17:00 Monday to Friday to order over the phone.

We ship to the EU and the UK, but currently not to the rest of the world.

Returns & Refunds

You have 90 days to return your order, provided there are no more than 2 scoops of whey protein missing from the pack.

For more information on our returns process, please see the delivery & returns page.

Yes, just complete the form here, print the label, attach it to the parcel/package containing the items you're returning, and drop it off at your nearest post office.

For more detailed returns instructions, please feel free to check the delivery & returns page.

Yes, if you have used no more than two scoops worth of the whey protein, then we will still be happy to issue your refund.

Full returns instructions are available here.


If you choose Royal Mail 2nd Class, then between 2-5 working days, Royal Mail 1st Class will take 1-2 working days, Royal Mail Tracked 24 will take 1-2 wording days, and DPD Next Day will arrive the next working day. If you order by 3.30pm then your order will be sent out on the same day.

You can also see the delivery prices here.

You will receive a tracking link after your order has been dispatched. However, if you selected one of the Royal Mail delivery options then the tracking is rather limited, as it only tells you when it has been delivered, and not where it is prior to delivery taking place.

Yes, free delivery is available for all orders. Paid delivery options are available too, if you’d like a faster delivery service. Please see the delivery & returns page for more details.

If you place your order by 3.45pm on a week day we will send your order out on the same day. If you order after 3.45pm then we will send it out on the next working day.

We use Royal Mail and DPD in the UK and DHL for international orders. For more information on prices and delivery speeds, please see the delivery & Returns page.


The answer for most people is yes, with the exception of our Raw Cacao & Maca organic whey protein.  It’s always wise to consult your doctor first however, in case in case there is anything in your medical history we aren't aware of that might cause it to be unsuitable for you :-)

In a word, no. Whey protein is not a magic bullet for losing weight, and you should never replace meals with whey protein or any other protein powder. For most people, a healthy diet and regular exercise are a good start.

If you are mildly intolerant then it shouldn’t cause you any problems, as it contains a lot less lactose than milk. Dried skimmed milk powder and unfiltered dried whey contain 50-60% lactose, whereas our organic whey protein contains between 2-5% lactose. We have several mildly lactose intolerant customers who use our organic whey protein, with no problems at all. However, if you have a more moderate or strong intolerance to lactose then you should stay away :-)

Many of our customers have been really pleased to have finally found a protein powder that doesn’t make them feel bloated, but there is also a small number who do still get bloated after using our organic whey protein powders. So there is a good chance that it won’t make you bloated, but we can by no means guarantee it. Luckily, we offer a 90 day money back guarantee if it does, provided you haven’t used more than two scoops :-)

Whey protein is commonly used in infact formula, so if they don’t have any milk allergies then it should not be a problem for a child to have our whey protein.

We can’t advise on dosage for children, but a good way to work how much they can have is to find out the recommended daily intake of protein for a child of their age, then work out their current daily protein intake and you can then see how much more protein they'll need, if indeed any extra protein is actually needed.

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Yes. Before you click the “add to basket” button, select the “subscribe & save” option. You can select to receive your subscription every month or every two weeks, and if you subscribe you will receive 5% off the first and all subsequent subscription orders.

You can find out more about our subscription service here.

Yes. You will be able to do all of the following in your own dashboard:

- Change the product(s) in your subscription
- Pause, cancel, or skip the next subscription
- Change the delivery address
- Change the payment method

Once you have placed a subscription order, you will receive a link to your subscription dashboard, and you won’t need to create an account with us in order to make any changes to your subscription.

You can find out more about our subscription service here.

Yes, any time at all.

You can find out more about our subscription service here.

Not a problem, if you don't want to skip your subscription but instead choose a specific date for delivery, please feel free to contact us through our contact form and we will be happy to make any changes :-)