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Many nutritionists, dietitians, nutritional therapists and other qualified nutrition professionals recommend our organic whey protein to clients who might need an extra source of quality protein. Here is what some of them have to say about why they often recommend our whey protein in particular.

Henrietta Paxton

Registered Nutritional Therapist
MSc Personalised Nutrition
PG Dip Clinical Therapy
BSc Sport & Exercise Science

"I often see the result of low protein diets in my clinic, even with athletes – fatigue, illness and poor body composition to name just a few. Ensuring optimal protein intake is vital to the proper function of our bodys' detoxification, immune function, cell health and and DNA replication. But this can be tricky, especially when training is added in. I love recommending The Organic Protein Company whey protein because it’s an easy, ethical and delicious way to increase protein intake without increasing the intake of any additives, preservatives or pro-inflammatory compounds! Win win!"

- Henrietta Paxton

Jennie Gough

Registered Nutritionist

"Protein powder is such an easy way to boost your protein intake, especially if you're a vegetarian or have a busy lifestyle. However, you want to make sure you choose one that is high quality and organic. I've tried many brands of protein powder, but they've always been unpalatable, lumpy, gritty or full of artificial ingredients and fillers. This is why I love The Organic Protein Company - their powders are organic, made of natural ingredients, taste delicious and blend really well, either with water or milk or in a smoothie."

- Jennie Gough

Christina Milne

MSc Registered Associate Nutritionist & Nutrition Coach

"As a nutritionist I primarily recommend The Organic Protein Co’s organic whey protein to my clients because of its versatility, palatable texture and variety of flavours. Using it to supplement my clients’ healthy diets is a great way to increase their protein intake, particularly for those who lead active lifestyles. Being organic means that not only is it a fantastic protein for people who pride themselves in consuming quality ingredients, but it is also a great choice in terms of the sustainability of our planet. I would recommend mixing it into Greek yoghurt or a fruity smoothie for a high protein snack after your workout!"

- Christina Milne (aka Coach Tina)

Elvira Maya Schuler-Stewart

Certified Holistic Nutritionist
BSc Sports & Exercise Science

"As a holistic nutritionist, an MD of a digital fitness brand, and an athlete myself, I use whey in my work with my clients, in the recipes for our app users, and as a way to supplement my strenuous training. I love The Organic Protein Company for their transparency and the quality ingredients that they use to produce their whey. Food is fuel and it's vital that we support our body's needs with the best out there. With organic, grass-fed whey as its foundation, the variety of flavours offer a nice subtle taste, perfect for absolutely anyone looking to feel and be their best. "

- Elvira Maya Schuler-Stewart

Kat D'Andrea

Registered Nutritional Therapist

"The Organic Protein Company offers less for more. Less toxins, like heavy metals and additives, but more health benefits because of the quality protein they use. As a hormone specialist, I believe we need protein in our everyday lives, whether we exercise or not. Protein helps transport hormones and repair tissues in our body. One of the reasons I choose The Organic Protein Company is because they use grass fed cow's milk. This means a higher level of healthy fats, which is needed to help transport hormones. The taste and texture of this protein is smooth yet not overpowering and works well for simple shakes."

- Kat D'Andrea

Nadeen Haidar

UK Registered Dietitian

"We've always been on the search for a whey protein product that we can confidently recommend to our clients, until we finally came across The Organic Protein Company's range of naturally flavoured proteins. We've been enjoying having them ourselves and we recommend it to clients that need a boost of protein in their diet. It's important to us that the whey powder we use and recommend is a pure form of whey protein, without artificial additives, from a hormone-free source without worrying about all the preservatives and additives that we find in other protein powders. The flavour is awesome - doesn't leave the chemical aftertaste you usually have with other flavoured wheys. We've been loving mixing it in our breakfast yogurt bowls and experimenting in the kitchen with it to make awesome recipes."

- Nadeen Haidar

Sana Khan

Registered Degree Level Nutrition Consultant


Sana is a registered degree level Nutrition Consultant with a special interest in Anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Sana started her career as a full time nutrition consultant at the renowned Food Doctor clinic in Harley Street, where she worked with clients of all ages and backgrounds and assists them in meeting their health goals through efficient and practical dietary and lifestyle approaches. She has now progressed to the well-known Elixir Clinic which is based in Harley street, and has other branches throughout London and the Gulf. She offers consultations at her office as well as home visits.

Sana says: "I love the organic whey protein, as I use it myself and recommend this to my clients. One of the main reasons I use this is the fact that it is organic and has a neutral taste, making it useful for adding to smoothies and milk or yoghurt, so it is extremely handy for many of my clients who like something quick or for when they are on the go. Knowing that it is free from additives and also contains more than 19g of protein per serving makes it very handy for blood sugar support. After trialling many protein powders in my clinic, The Organic Protein Company is definitely in my top few!"

- Sana Khan

Sara Jackson

Registered Nutritional Therapist

It goes without saying that you should choose your protein powder well & go for the most organic and natural ingredients, to get maximum nutrition, which is why I often recommend The Organic Protein Company’s whey protein to my clients, and I use it at home - my kids have been brought up to be smoothie fans!"

- Sara Jackson

Amie Lunn

Registered Nutritional Therapist

"Protein is the building block of life and it is important we consume enough for optimal health. Adding a protein powder is an easy way to ensure we hit our daily intake without adding the extra stress of more food preparation in our already busy lives. However, quality really does matter and as a Nutritional Therapist I only ever recommend the best products available. The Organic Protein Company is one of my go-to products, the ingredients are unparalleled in the market and the company is transparent about them. I even feel happy giving this to my toddler and recommending to pregnant clients. "

- Amie Lunn

Katharine Tate

Registered Nutritional Therapist

"This is a great natural product rich in a range of essential nutrients, making it an ideal product for families, and children love it. It's perfect for creating after school snacks and works brilliantly in homemade snack bars too. Highly recommended by The Food Teacher.”

- Katharine Tate