Tackling Transparency in the Whey Protein Powder Industry

Tackling Transparency in the Whey Protein Powder Industry

For many conscious consumers, the significance of transparency cannot be overstated, particularly when it comes to health and wellness products. But transparent practices are too often compromised, with vague claims and inadequate information overshadowing a product’s true nature and origin.

We believe that our customers have a right to open and honest information about what they purchase and consume. This transparency is central to what we do at The Organic Protein Co. and we practise what we preach across our supply chain and practices. Below, we delve into why transparency is a concern for modern consumers, and what we’re doing to address it.


The public’s view on food transparency

While not everybody wants to know the full extent of the sources, supply chains and practices behind their nutrition, modern consumers are increasingly discerning about the products they buy, especially when it comes to food and supplements. Feeling out of the know about the process that brought your meal from farm to table can be frustrating for a number of reasons.

According to a study conducted in 2017 by the Food Standards Agency, which asked participants for their thoughts on transparency in food supply:

“...participants defined being transparent as being honest. This meant describing

food products or processes accurately, using clear, simple language members of the general public can easily understand… Transparency was important because without it participants did not feel they could make informed decisions about what they are buying and, crucially, exercise freedom of choice.”

While food systems were recognised as being highly complex, making it challenging to ensure complete transparency in every aspect of food production, there’s evidence that consumers are increasingly seeking clarity and honesty on issues that directly affect their lives. 

Some of the key areas of concern were food authenticity, composition and labelling, and safety; areas which make it clear that our health and the health of our families is the greatest concern. It’s clear that much of this comes back to being able to trust the quality and content of exactly what we put on our plates.


Our approach to transparent practices

While we, unfortunately, can’t change the face of the food industry singlehandedly, we are passionate about playing our role in the increase of transparency around the manufacture and supply of whey protein powder. With the demand for whey protein expected to continue growing in the UK, we strive to be the ethical, natural and, above all, transparent option for customers who seek greater visibility from their protein source.

Since we started The Organic Protein Co. in 2014, transparency has been far more than a buzzword for us. We are open and honest with our customers in a number of different areas, differentiating ourselves from other options:


Our ingredients

One of the ways that we offer greater transparency for our customers is by providing clear ingredient lists for all of our products, with absolutely no hidden components. While you might think that this is fairly commonplace, there are some practices that remain obscured from consumers across the whey protein industry.

An example of this is the use of the additive sodium citrate e331 in the spray-drying process for many whey protein isolates. While Trading Standards consider this a mixing aid, rather than an ingredient, its usage can be concerning for those with intolerances or those who would rather avoid the presence of additives in what they consume. Yet many companies rely on its classification as a mixing aid to avoid being transparent about its place in their manufacturing processes. 

As well as making it abundantly clear exactly what goes into our products - from the origin of our whey to the high-quality wholefood ingredients in our flavoured options - we avoid the use of artificial additives, sweeteners and flavourings throughout.


Third-party testing

We are passionate about the quality and purity of our products, but you shouldn’t have to just take our word for it. We are committed to ensuring third-party testing that gives you greater insight into our products before you purchase them.

Every batch of our whey protein powder undergoes independent laboratory testing to establish an accurate nutritional profile, including everything from protein content to carbohydrates and calories. We make every test available to our customers, empowering you to understand exactly what you’re consuming and how it contributes to your personal health and wellness goals.

Beyond in-depth nutritional analysis, we offer complete transparency by outsourcing investigations into the heavy metal content of our whey protein powders. As a topical subject, we answered calls from our customers to provide up-to-date information about the presence of these substances and were pleased to report excellent results. By investing in thorough testing, we strive to set ourselves apart from other whey protein powders that rely on ambiguous messaging to sell products.


Organic certification

One of the ways that we stay true to our word is through our organic certification. This verifies that we adhere to higher standards across the board, from greater traceability for our products to the absence of any herbicides, pesticides or fertilisers in the production methods.

We source our whey from the milk of grass-fed cows on farms across the UK and Europe, and this milk is then sent to organic cheese makers. Their by-product whey is what becomes our protein powders, undergoing a purely mechanical process to remove much of the lactose and fat, then being spray-dried into a powder.

We prioritise transparency at every step of the process, giving our customers full insight into practices and backing this up with internationally recognised certification.


Make more conscious choices with The Organic Protein Co.

There’s plenty to be done to make the food and supplements industry more honest and open with its customers. For those who are conscious about what they consume, we recognise the importance of knowing what goes into your health and wellness products. Rest assured that, whenever you purchase our whey protein powder, we will do everything in our power to give you full insight that aligns with your needs.