Shaking up the system: whey protein powder’s role in ethical change

Shaking up the system: whey protein powder’s role in ethical change

Facing up to the growing challenges of environmental care can often leave us feeling like cogs in a machine. While 67% of the population is concerned about the fragility of our planet, only a mere 34% believe that their governments are doing enough to protect it (EY Future Consumer Index 2023), showing a real feeling of powerlessness.

Meanwhile, with health and wellness being seen as one of the top consumer forces in a 2021 study, there are lines to be drawn between our increasing awareness of environmental and ethical concerns and the impact of this on our well-being practices. 

Our mission at The Organic Protein Co. has always been to give customers products that offer fantastic health benefits while empowering them to make real changes, one purchase at a time. We dive into the topic in more depth below.


Who’s responsible for change?

For many of us, conscious consumption is becoming a necessity. In particular, when it comes to the welfare and treatment of animals in the UK food system, studies suggest that 86% of people believe the welfare of animals is of at least some importance to them.

With this in mind, the role of businesses in steering us towards more sustainable, ethical options has never been more important. It’s a feeling that’s echoed by at least 73% of consumers who believe that businesses should be leading the charge in driving sustainable change, alongside 77% who say it’s the government’s responsibility.

Yet, while the role of larger corporations and governing bodies cannot be ignored, it’s no surprise that so many of us want to make changes in our own lives and do our bit. With 56% of people believing that consumers should also be the ones pushing for change, the power of where we direct our finances and purchases can, and should, speak volumes.


How individual changes can help

While it can feel like the changes we make on an individual level aren’t big enough to create real change, there’s reason to believe that the choices we make daily can ripple outwards, influencing broader changes.

It's a concept gaining momentum, as research shows individuals are not only aware of climate impacts but are increasingly adapting their lifestyles as a response. Committing to simple yet significant actions, like choosing organic foods, can have an impact on the demand for and practices of food production.

This movement towards individual responsibility is also a stand against the often inhumane conditions of factory farming and a vote for higher organic standards which promote animal welfare and soil health. By choosing products from companies that prioritise ethical practices and sustainability, each person contributes to a larger demand for responsible farming - a demand that can steer the industry towards more humane, environmentally friendly practices.

A recent study examines how the decisions that cities make can be the driving force in limiting global warming to 1.5°C. When suggesting six areas in which to limit consumption, from lowering meat intake to taking fewer long-haul flights, they acknowledge that:

Individual consumers cannot change the way the global economy operates on their own, but many of the interventions proposed in this report rely on individual action.”

Although deeper, more systemic change must be driven by governments and businesses, the potential to make change from an individual level shouldn’t be ignored. If these larger bodies are to respond to consumer and voter demands, real change can be made by taking personal actions every day.


Our role in creating real change

True empowerment on a personal level can come from making informed decisions based on transparency, trust and accountability. At The Organic Protein Co., our approach to creating organic whey protein has always been rooted in a commitment to ethical sourcing and honest practices, giving our customers the information they need to make the most educated choices for their health and well-being.

In this way, we empower our customers to contribute to real change in their personal choices while adhering to better business practices ourselves. For example, our products are sourced exclusively from the milk of organic dairies, where grass-fed cows graze freely in wide-open pastures. As a by-product of organic cheese making, whey protein turns a traditionally discarded liquid into high-quality protein powder to fuel your wellness.

With our organic certification, opting for a higher standard of whey protein means advocating for higher animal welfare, healthier soil and a pesticide-free food system, amongst other positive effects, putting the opportunity for real change in your hands.

Beyond this, every pouch of our organic whey protein directly contributes to effecting real change in the farming industry. By donating 25p per pack to Compassion in World Farming, one of the world’s leading animal welfare organisations, your money goes directly towards powerful campaigns that lobby to change laws, policies and practices fundamentally.


Power in every purchase

While there are many challenges to tackle in the food, farming, and health and wellness industries, we believe that each individual has the power to ignite change through conscious choices. In an industry packed with fewer conscious choices, we also recognise the equal importance of our own role in promoting better, more ethical standards and championing the causes lobbying for genuine change.

By supporting brands that align with values of transparency and sustainability, like The Organic Protein Co., you become part of a collective force championing a healthier planet and a more humane food system.