Helping you avoid whey protein powder from factory farms

Helping you avoid whey protein powder from factory farms

In a world where the food on our plate is as much about the values we hold as its nutritional content, ethical sourcing strives to address growing concerns surrounding factory farming. The ever-increasing global demand for food has led to some alarming figures, with 85% of the UK’s farmed land animals now subjected to the substandard and frankly miserable conditions of factory farms.

The lack of organic, factory farm-free whey protein powder options inspired our founding in 2014. We are, and will always be, passionate about offering our customers the best, fully organic choices for their health as well as the health of the planet. Read on to find out more about how and why we help you avoid factory farming in your whey protein supply.

“Being organic means that not only is it a fantastic protein for people who pride themselves in consuming quality ingredients, but it is also a great choice in terms of the sustainability of our planet.”

Christina Milne (aka Coach Tina).


The reality of factory farming

Factory farms, where the welfare of animals and the environment are sacrificed in a quest to increase profits, have multiplied in the UK in recent years in the face of a growing demand for meat and animal products. Spurred on by the steep global incline for this type of produce, the past century has seen animal agriculture shift significantly from family-run small holdings to larger agribusinesses driven by profit.

This stark reality challenges not only the welfare of animals and the environment but also our own well-being as consumers. With reports that the use of pesticides in UK farming is increasing rather than declining, many of our customers are rightfully worried about the harmful impacts of these substances on their short and long-term health. This concern has been echoed by bodies such as the World Health Organisation, which calls for greater regulation surrounding maximum limits for pesticide residues in global food and water systems.

The prevalence of factory farming, with its reliance on synthetic aids and disregard for ethical practices ultimately raises questions about the integrity of the products we consume and the world we inhabit.


Factory farming and whey protein production

Whey protein is usually a by-product of cheese production. What’s known as a ‘complete protein source’, it’s a nutritious substance rich in every essential and branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) and is hugely beneficial for muscle support and overall health. It's sourced from milk from the dairy industry, a sector that plays its own part in intensive farming practices.

In the typical cheese-making process, milk is separated into curds and whey. The curds go on to become cheese, while the whey, once considered a waste product, can now be used in a variety of whey protein health products. However, the conditions under which the dairy cows are raised can deeply affect the ethical quality of the whey. 

In the UK, it's estimated that 20% of dairy farms have adopted zero-grazing systems, where cows are confined indoors year-round rather than grazing on grass. This method, which can lead to increased health issues for the animals, represents a major issue with factory farming where the quantity of produce often overshadows the quality of life for livestock. With the supply of milk intrinsically linked with the production of whey protein powders, avoiding whey that has its roots in poor farming practices is a priority for us and for many of our customers.


Our solution for more ethical whey protein powder

Whey protein powder has impressive benefits when incorporated into your diet, aiding in everything from muscle and bone health to fulfilling an increased need for protein as a result of medical issues. Opting for organic whey protein powders that adhere to ethical sourcing practices is a conscious decision that can positively impact animal welfare, the environment and your personal health.

At The Organic Protein Company, our commitment to ethical sourcing is built into our every process. After noticing the absence of an organic whey protein in the UK market, we set up shop to address this, wholeheartedly refuting factory farming and adhering to higher standards in a number of ways:

  • Organic partners: As part of our organic certification, we partner with solely organic suppliers. From the milk that starts our process to the cheese-making dairies who separate this milk and provide us with the by-product whey, we are fierce supporters of organic farming. The benefits of this are far-reaching, from healthier soil to healthier consumers.
  • Support for animal welfare: By partnering with organic dairy farms across the UK and Europe, we support higher living standards for dairy cows. Our whey protein powders are made from the milk of grass-fed cows, living on pastures where they have plenty of space to graze, with natural hay in the winter and no routine use of antibiotics.
  • Sustainable change: We recognise that sustainable, organic farming goes beyond our products. By donating 25p per pack to Compassion in World Farming, and with over £30,000 donated so far, we work with our customers to contribute to the improvement of farming standards in the UK and across the globe. CiWF does essential work towards this goal, from exposing the realities of factory farms to lobbying for bans on all caged farming.

  • Make a positive impact with every purchase

    Every purchase you make is a vote for the world you want to live in. By choosing whey protein powders aligned with ethical farming, you actively support improved animal welfare. We strive to be your partner in this continual journey towards more ethical sourcing, empowering you to make the positive choices that nourish your body and nurture the planet.

    Together, we can work to avoid unfair farming practices that do nothing to benefit your health or the future of our planet. With signs that organic farmland is heading in the right direction in the UK - rising from 507 thousand hectares in 2021 to 509 thousand hectares in 2022 - we are working hard to be part of the trend towards more ethical, sustainable farming.

    Your decision to purchase with us is a powerful step towards that change, ensuring that your nutritional choices are in harmony with your values and making you a part of a vital cause with every whey protein shake.