A natural, nutritional whey protein powder for fussy eaters

A natural, nutritional whey protein powder for fussy eaters

Many parents have faced the challenge of an upturned nose at dinnertime or the stubborn refusal of a once-love meal. Picky eating is more than just a passing phase for many children and can be a genuine concern for parents who prioritise health and wellness. Our tasty, additive-free organic whey protein powder can help even the fussiest eaters get the protein and nutrients they need to grow and thrive.


"This is a great natural product rich in a range of essential nutrients, making it an ideal product for families, and children love it. It's perfect for creating after-school snacks and works brilliantly in homemade snack bars too. Highly recommended by The Food Teacher.”

Katherine Tate, Registered Nutritional Therapist, BANT, CNHC


The challenge of picky eaters

For many parents, picky eating is a daily hurdle and concern. Ensuring kids get the nutrition they need can spark worries about missing out on the protein, vitamins and minerals that are crucial for growing bodies. In households with multiple kids, the preferences of one can influence the other, creating a domino effect of selective eating.

As families lean towards introducing diverse diets, from organic to gluten-free, picky habits can become a hindrance. Parents, having spent time instilling the importance of balanced diets, often find themselves at a crossroads, balancing their teachings with their children's choices.


Bridging nutritional gaps

Our organic, nutritionist-recommended whey protein powder can be part of a simple solution to picky eating habits, offering a quick and easy way to incorporate high-quality, complete protein into your child’s diet while recognising their choosiness.

With its naturally creamy consistency and versatility in cooking, it's an ideal companion to help health-conscious parents seamlessly infuse balanced nutrition into a variety of familiar dishes. From breakfast smoothies and protein pancakes to lunchtime treats and baked snacks, there are a multitude of ways to introduce this nutritional powerhouse into meals. Plus, with the guarantee of certified organic ingredients, parents can rest assured they're making a choice that aligns with their wellness values and principles.


Informed choices for your child

While we feel that our organic whey protein powder is a great solution for fussy eaters, ensuring your child's well-being is paramount. Before introducing our whey protein powder into your child's diet, we’d recommend considering the following guidelines:

  • First seek advice from your GP, as they can provide insights tailored to your child’s specific health needs.
  • Ensure you're providing the right quantities based on your child's age and existing protein consumption. This helps avoid exceeding the recommended daily protein intake for their age group.
  • Begin with a minimal amount of whey protein to monitor any adverse reactions. While whey protein allergies aren't widespread, being cautious of any changes in your child’s health after their first try will give you reassurance and peace of mind.


A complete protein source

The foundation of every growing body lies in the quality of nutrients it receives. Our whey protein powder is an unmatched option, providing the very best protein source for your little ones. Although children typically require smaller amounts of protein in their diet, our whey protein powder offers a complete protein source for simplified nutrition.

Sourced from the milk of grass-fed cows, our whey powders provide a complete amino acid profile. This means they offer every essential amino acid and branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) that human bodies need, ensuring optimal muscle health, bone strength and overall development. These amino acids are the building blocks for nearly every physiological process in our bodies, supporting everything from brain function to immune system strength.

Our organic protein powders are also a natural source of other nutrients including calcium and phosphorus, contributing to your child’s overall health and wellness in every scoop.


Child-friendly flavours

We recognise the balance parents seek between nutrition and taste, especially when trying to cater to young ones with particular preferences. With our three delicious flavoured options, find a whey protein that delights your child’s tastes. From the subtle sweetness of our Madagascan Vanilla to crowd-pleasing Raw Cacao & Maca, you can tailor your selection to a favourite flavour, or choose based on the types of dishes you hope to incorporate it into.

Each of our flavoured options is rooted in the simplicity and honesty of wholefood ingredients, and all of our award-winning whey protein powders are completely free from additives, artificial sweeteners and flavourings. This means that the flavours your child enjoys come purely from natural ingredients, eliminating worries about the effects of synthetic ingredients.

In contrast to the chalky textures of some protein powders, our gentle, chemical-free filtration process means that even our Pure Unflavoured whey protein retains a smooth, creamy consistency, blending easily into the background of meals for fuss-free protein intake.

Clarity and care in every choice

When it comes to your children’s health, we understand that you want peace of mind. Navigating health and nutrition can feel like a blur of hidden truths and embroidered claims. Still, we are dedicated to providing clear, upfront information on all of our products and processes.

We provide uniquely short ingredient lists across all of our powders, from the one-ingredient goodness of our unflavoured option to the real banana added to every pack of Banana & Lucuma. For parents, this offers the reassurance that their children aren’t consuming anything they shouldn’t be. For children, it simply means a great-tasting treat.

Each batch of our whey protein also undergoes careful third-party testing. Beyond providing a comprehensive nutritional profile, making it even easier to understand the nutrients and vitamins you’re adding to your child’s diet, this also includes regular heavy metal testing, ensuring the greatest possible purity and safety.


Discover simplified nourishment for children

By choosing our organic whey protein powder, you're embracing a choice that prioritises purity and transparency for you, and fantastic flavour for your children. Whether you’re looking for a quick and trusted solution for increased activity levels or simply want to enhance overall well-being and development, our whey protein powders offer fuss-free, reliable protein power.

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