Best protein powder for transparency

At The Organic Protein Co., transparent practices are part of our blueprint. We believe that knowing what’s in your protein powder should be straightforward, not a game of hide and seek.

Our mission has always been clear: to craft not just the best protein powders on the market but also the most honest, giving you the peace of mind that what you’re consuming is as pure and natural as it gets.

Why is transparency important in protein powders?

Understanding the origin and processing of the ingredients is an important part of choosing the best protein powder for your needs. It’s all about knowing what you consume and ensuring it aligns with your health and ethical standards.

This can be helpful for several reasons:

  • Traceability: Knowing where ingredients come from ensures they meet your high quality standards.
  • Ethical sourcing: Transparency helps verify that ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced.
  • Quality assurance: Clear information about sourcing and processing helps gauge product quality.
  • Nutritional integrity: Access to independent nutritional test certificates for every batch ensures that the products meet your health and wellness goals.
  • Allergen awareness: Helps identify if the product is safe for those with specific dietary restrictions, such as being nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free or suitable for vegetarians.

How we keep you in the loop

Our commitment to transparency is about more than just delivering premium protein powders - it’s all about empowering our customers to make the best choices for their health and wellness goals.

We understand that knowing what's in your supplements, where they come from, and how they're made is crucial for your peace of mind and health. We strive to set ourselves apart from other protein powders by committing to higher levels of transparency across our practices.

Independent nutritional testing

We prove our commitment to transparency in every batch of organic whey protein powder we make. Rigorous nutritional and microbial testing, conducted by independent, third-party labs, ensures that our products meet high standards for nutrition and safety.

This testing also covers detailed nutritional analysis and profiling including protein, carbohydrates, fats and more, ensuring you get accurate information for your wellness journey. 

We practise complete transparency, allowing you to access these test results onlinewith your product’s batch number, providing the reassurance and trust you deserve in your nutritional choices. This meticulous approach ensures that our whey protein not only supports your health goals but does so with the highest integrity.

I love The Organic Protein Company for their transparency and the quality ingredients that they use to produce their whey.

Elvira Maya Schuler-Stewart, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Transparent ingredient sourcing

With protein powders, what you see isn’t always what you get. Certain ingredients, such as sodium citrate - used widely as a processing aid in the manufacture of whey protein isolate - are concealed from customers.

When it comes to what’s in our whey protein powders, we buck the industry trend by listing every ingredient on the back of our pouches. 

We include where the ingredients have originated from and the % of each ingredient used in the blend. This transparency ensures that you know exactly what you’re adding to your shake or protein pancakes - and, in all cases, that’s just premium, primarily grass-fed whey protein powder and small amounts of quality, wholefood ingredients for our flavoured options.

We also have detailed information on our website about how every ingredient is made. So, if part of your commitment to health and wellness extends to knowing where and how your food is made, we’re all too happy to accommodate - and always will be!

Heavy metal testing

We’ve heard concerns surrounding heavy metals in dietary supplements, and we’ve listened. Comprehensive heavy metal testing for our whey protein powders is part of ensuring the utmost safety and quality of our product.

Much like the rest of our practices, we don’t hide this information from our customers - it’s available for you to see, whenever you like. We want you to feel confident and secure in choosing our products, knowing they are as free from contaminants as possible and safe for your daily nutrition.

Honest benefits from The Organic Protein Co.

The best protein powder for you is the one that genuinely aligns with your health goals and your values. We empower you to make that choice yourself, giving you everything you need to know about the quality, nutritional value and ingredients of our organic whey protein powders.

Browse our full range of delicious, ethically sourced whey protein powders and try our bundle builder for up to 20% off your purchases. Get in touch if you have any questions - we always welcome your thoughts, recommendations and feedback!