2024 whey protein heavy metal test results

2024 whey protein heavy metal test results

With February 2024 drawing to a close, ushing in the promises of Spring, we've received heavy metal test results for the latest batch of our Pure Unflavoured organic whey protein  Here are the results:

Heavy metals Lab Results EU Limit
Lead <0.0050 mg/kg 3.0 mg/kg
Arsenic 0.006 mg/kg No defined limit
Cadmium <0.0010 mg/kg 1.0 mg/kg
Mercury 0.0080 mg/kg 0.1 mg/kg

You can download the original certificate here.

Where there is a "<" preceding the result, there was none detected and the number shown next to the "<" is the lowest level the lab is able to test for.  It doesn't mean that there isn't any, it just wasn't found for that testing limit. Regardless, all of the results are significantly lower than for EU limits, where EU limits exist - for arsenic you can see there are no EU limits.

We are unable to find any other whey proteins on the market with lower reported heavy metal levels.  As a reminder, heavy metals are everywhere, so they are unavoidable, but it is of course a good idea to try and avoid consuming too many foods with high heavy metal levels, and I think it is fair to say our whey proteins are very much in the "low level" category :-)