Sustain your busiest days with organic whey protein powder

Sustain your busiest days with organic whey protein powder

Staying active and sharply focused is essential for embracing the richness of life’s experiences after 55. A balanced diet full of essential nutrients, particularly protein, supports this sustained vitality, allowing you to enjoy everything from a gentle dog walk to a busy day out with family or friends.

Our organic whey protein powder offers a pure, natural way to enrich your diet, complementing your dedication to a life well-lived with every serving. Crafted to provide a quick, easy solution to maintaining or upping your protein intake, The Organic Protein Co. is here to help you feel your best with quality, ethical nutrition.



Protein for active seniors

Enjoying the golden years requires a robust foundation of nutrition, where protein plays an important role. By keeping up a regular and balanced protein intake in your later years, there’s more potential to live each day to its fullest, with the clarity to cherish every moment.

Whey protein, with its impressive ease of digestibility and nutrient-rich profile, offers an excellent solution for those over 55 who want to maintain their zest for life. It stands out for a number of reasons:

  • Cognitive support: Amino acids in whey protein are essential for brain health in older adults, supporting neurotransmitter functions that are critical for alertness and focus.

  • Muscle health: Whey provides a full range of essential and branched-chain amino acids necessary for muscle support, helping to maintain the muscle mass that's crucial for your mobility and independence.

  • Digestive ease: With age, digestion can become a challenge. Whey protein is renowned for being easy to digest, making it a gentle choice for daily nutrition. Its high bioavailability also means your body can easily absorb the nutrients.

  • The positive impacts of organic whey protein powder

    As you embrace life post-55, it’s important for your nutrition to support your principles as well as your body. Our organic whey protein powders offer an advantage over conventional options by ensuring a diet rich in nutrients without the presence of any additives, artificial sweeteners or flavourings. Each batch is the result of gentle processing methods that help to retain the natural properties of whey, essential for maintaining muscle health and overall vitality, and preserve the neutral flavour and creamy texture.

    Each scoop of our complete protein source delivers all the essential and branched-chain amino acids your body needs. Our organic certification offers you the reassurance of a product that is held to the highest standards, made from the milk of grass-fed cows and without the presence of harmful pesticides or the routine use of antibiotics. We also donate 25p per pack to Compassion in World Farming, ensuring that your protein source is nourishing your body, energy and sustainable farming practices in one.


    Transparent nutritional choices

    Making the best choices for your energy and focus is pivotal to your overall health. At The Organic Protein Co., we’re dedicated to helping you feel confident in the choices you’re making, understanding not just what you’re consuming but also where it has come from.

    Our unwavering commitment to transparency is at the heart of our products and wider practices. In doing so, we alleviate concerns over nutritional quality - particularly crucial for our older customers:

  • Full disclosure labelling: Every pouch of our whey protein powder comes with a clear, comprehensive label that tells you exactly what’s in it. We avoid confusing information and keep our ingredient lists short - just high-quality whey protein and a dash of wholefood ingredients for our flavoured options.

  • Transparent sourcing: We provide detailed information about our ingredients and where we source them, from raw cacao to organic banana powder. While some other protein powders have undisclosed information, we make every element of our products open for scrutiny.

  • Independent testing: If you’re looking for foods that help you stay energised and focused, you want to be confident in what you consume. We’re fully aware of this and submit every batch of our whey protein powder for third-party testing, giving you a full nutritional profile including protein levels, carbohydrates and calories.

  • Easily integrated into your life

    Blending our organic whey protein into your daily routine offers the simplicity and benefits your active life demands. With the creamy, neutral taste of our unflavoured option and the subtle sweetness of our flavoured options, our products are a versatile companion for your weekly menu. 

    Breakfast remains one of the most important meals of the day for energy and focus, so why not try enriching your morning porridge with a scoop of Raw Cacao & Maca? Or, for something simple and delicious, mix up a protein shake with Madagascan Vanilla. No matter your preferences, you can infuse any recipe with high-quality, natural protein with ease.

    Each serving delivers a substantial protein boost, with our Pure Unflavoured option offering 19.8g of protein per 25g serving, contributing to your daily nutritional goals, supporting muscle health and fostering cognitive vitality. Our convenient bundles and subscription options ensure your protein supply fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and needs.


    Energise your life with organic whey protein powder

    With a variety of flavours and so many simple ways to incorporate it into your daily routine, organic whey protein delivers the full spectrum of amino acids that your body needs to thrive. Filled with a source of sustainable energy, our organic protein powders help you face each day with energy and focus, all the while promising quality, purity and ethical values.

    Discover the difference that organic, sustainably sourced whey protein can make in midlife and beyond. Explore our range and find the perfect blend to complement your journey towards sustained vitality and well-being.