Ease food sensitivities with organic whey protein powder

Ease food sensitivities with organic whey protein powder

As our bodies mature, they can develop new sensitivities, making what was once a simple meal choice a careful consideration. In these cases, nutrition is about more than what you enjoy eating, becoming a question of what agrees with your changing digestive system.

We understand the importance of adapting to these changes with the right nutritional choices. Our organic whey protein powder is a step towards solving some of the dietary challenges that come with life after 55. Naturally gentle on sensitive digestive systems and free from gluten and any artificial additives, our organic whey protein provides high-quality nutrition with your sensitivities and allergies in mind.


“The Organic Protein Company is one of my go-to products, the ingredients are unparalleled in the market and the company is transparent about them.” Amie Lunn, Registered Nutritional Therapist, BSc, mBANT, CNHC

Understanding your food sensitivities

As we age, our digestive systems and overall health go through changes that can lead to new sensitivities. Foods that once posed no issue to your health and well-being may now cause discomfort. There are several reasons this can happen as we get older:

With these new limitations to your diet, maintaining balanced nutrition is difficult without careful consideration of what’s gone into your meal. Finding protein sources and supplements that avoid common triggers is key to enjoying every day without digestive discomfort or sickness.

Why organic whey protein?

With age, we often require more protein to maintain muscle mass and retain natural mobility. Whey protein outperforms other protein sources with easy digestion and rapid absorption, which means that one serving of a whey protein powder can deliver even more benefits for your body when compared to other protein sources such as eggs, meat or pulses.

Organic standards bring purity and ethics you don’t normally get with other protein powders. A clean, organic approach avoids pesticides and GMOs from conventional farming practices, as well as the routine use of antibiotics.

Our commitment to quality and purity

Whey protein offers a valuable solution for anyone battling to balance food sensitivities with well-rounded nutrition. As a complete, highly bioavailable protein, whey protein provides all nine essential amino acids and all three branched-chain amino acids, making it a real protein powerhouse.

Our organic whey protein takes this gentle digestion a step further through our commitment to purity in ingredients and processing. We use whey which is a by-product of the milk of primarily grass-fed cows on organic farms, where the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers is prohibited.

The whey then goes through a specialised filtration using a ceramic system, rather than chemicals, to retain its nutritional profile. This also gives our whey a smooth, creamy texture and maintains its easy digestibility. The result is a gentle, easily absorbed protein source, free from gluten as well as any artificial ingredients or sweeteners.

Your health and vitality

Our organic whey protein powder is meticulously crafted to support your changing lifestyle and needs. As you undergo various changes in your digestive sensitivity, adjusting your diet becomes an essential part of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Whey protein can be an important part of this change, supporting you in many ways:

  • Enhanced muscle health: As the foundation of mobility and independence, maintaining muscle mass is crucial. Whey protein provides the essential biological building blocks necessary for muscle health.

  • Bone density support: To combat the risk of osteoporosis, our whey protein offers vital nutrients like calcium and phosphorus, supporting bone health and strength.

  • Boosted vitality: Providing sustained energy and supporting a healthy immune system, our whey protein is a key component in maintaining your overall vitality and wellness.

  • Balanced diet: Whey protein helps meet the protein needs of seniors, especially useful when their appetite decreases or certain foods are avoided due to sensitivities.

  • Ethical and safe choice: Our commitment to organic, pesticide-free and GMO-free ingredients ensures you’re consuming a product that aligns with a health-conscious lifestyle.

  • Confidence in nutrition

    We believe that transparency is key, especially when addressing food sensitivities in mature adults. Understanding exactly what you’re eating is crucial for those who experience digestive discomfort or allergic reactions to certain ingredients.

    At The Organic Protein Co., we’ve always gone the extra mile to provide complete transparency about our organic whey protein powder. Every batch of our whey protein is accompanied by independent nutritional test certificates, available for you to review. This ensures that you know precisely the nutritional value and quality of the protein you are integrating into your diet. We also disclose the origins of every ingredient we use, showcasing the journey from primarily grass-fed cows on organic farms to the final product in your hands.

    This commitment to transparency gives you the confidence and peace of mind you need when making dietary choices. You can always trust that our whey protein powders are free from hidden additives, GMOs and gluten, making it a safer and more transparent choice for your digestive system.

    The nutritional breakdown of our whey protein

    With impressively short ingredient lists and the exclusive use of wholefood ingredients in our flavoured protein powders, we have specifically formulated our whey protein powder to be as gentle on your digestive system as possible. Each ingredient of every batch serves a purpose:

    • Organic whey protein concentrate: Sourced from the milk of primarily grass-fed cows and the by-product whey of organic cheese making, WPC is the main ingredient across all of our products. It provides a high protein content (up to 19.8g per serving).

    • Wholefood ingredients for flavour: In variants like Madagascan Vanilla and Raw Cacao & Maca, we use high-quality, real food ingredients like ground vanilla pods and raw cacao, which provide rich, natural flavours without the irritation of artificial additives.

    • Low GI sweeteners: Glycemic index (GI) measures how quickly a food can make your blood sugar rise. In our Vanilla and Cacao & Maca flavours, we use unrefined organic coconut sugar from Indonesia, a low GI alternative to sugar, providing a more tolerable sweetness for sensitive digestive systems.

    • Nutrient-rich additions: Our Banana & Lucuma flavour includes organic banana and lucuma powders, offering natural sweetness and additional nutrients like potassium, crucial for maintaining muscle and nerve function.

    • Minerals: With minerals like calcium and phosphorus, our whey protein supports immune health and bone density, crucial for embracing midlife.
    • Varied nutritional profile: Our third-party testing on every batch analyses the presence of a range of nutritional components in our whey protein powders, from calories and protein content to total sugar and available carbohydrates.

    Beyond our organic whey protein

    For those navigating food sensitivity, adopting certain lifestyle and dietary habits can make a significant difference. Beyond incorporating a scoop of our high-quality whey protein powder into your meals, other ways to handle changing sensitivities include:

    Adopting mindful eating practices

    Adapting mealtime routines can offer digestive benefits for those with food sensitivities. Slowing down your eating and chewing more mindfully can help to reduce digestive issues. Our Pure Unflavoured whey protein, with its easy digestibility, can be a perfect addition to these meals, offering high-quality protein without overwhelming the digestive system. Integrating this protein into a variety of dishes can ensure balanced nutrition throughout the day.

    Creating a varied, nutrient-rich diet

    Maintaining a balanced diet is key to ensuring adequate nutrient intake. Including various fruits, vegetables and healthy fats alongside high-quality protein sources is vital. Our range of whey protein powders, which includes flavoured options, can add both flavour and nutrition to your meals, with additional nutrients alongside the protein source.

    Employing gentle cooking methods

    Cooking methods that preserve the nutritional integrity of food are essential for maximising the impact of the food you can eat. Steaming, for example, is an excellent way to prepare meals. Adding a scoop of our whey protein to your dishes can also enhance their nutritional value. Blending the Banana & Lucuma flavour into baked goods, for example, can provide a nutritious and delicious twist that is both stomach-friendly and satisfying.

    Balancing hydration and fibre

    Adequate hydration is crucial, especially when increasing fibre intake. Drinking plenty of fluids and gradually introducing fibre-rich foods can improve digestive health. Our whey protein can be a helpful component in this balance, as its easy-to-mix formula makes it a convenient addition to both beverages and high-fibre foods.

    Try our organic whey protein today

    Our whey protein powders are pure, ethically sourced and rich in protein and nutrients, supporting your muscle health, bone density and overall vitality while being gentle on your sensitive digestive system. 

    While not appropriate for everyone with food sensitivities, such as those with lactose intolerance, the easy digestibility of whey protein is more gentle on many digestive systems. Why not try out some of our range today to see how you get on? Whether you prefer the natural creaminess of our Pure Unflavoured option, the rich indulgence of Raw Cacao & Maca, or the subtle sweetness of Banana & Lucuma, there’s a flavour to enhance your daily nutrition.


    Frequently asked questions

    Is whey protein powder suitable for seniors with food sensitivities?

    Yes, whey protein powder can be a good choice for seniors, even those with food sensitivities. It's typically easy to digest and can be used in various forms, like mixed with water, added to smoothies or incorporated into meals. However, it's important to choose a whey protein that is free from allergens that you're sensitive to, and it may not be appropriate for lactose intolerance sufferers.

    Remember, if you have specific health concerns or dietary restrictions, it's always best to consult with a healthcare provider or a registered dietitian.

    What should I look for in a whey protein powder?

    Choose whey protein powders that are free from additives, certified organic where possible, made without excessive heat, and containing no lecithin or other emulsifiers.  It's also beneficial to select a product with a high protein content to support muscle maintenance and overall health.

    Can whey protein powder help with muscle maintenance in over 55s?

    Absolutely. Whey protein is a complete protein source containing all essential amino acids. It's highly beneficial for maintaining muscle mass, which is crucial for everyone, including those in later life, to retain mobility, health and independence.

    How can I incorporate organic whey protein into my diet?

    Whey protein powder can be easily added to various foods and beverages. It can be mixed with water for a simple protein drink, added to smoothies or incorporated into familiar recipes like porridge or soups to increase protein intake without aggravating sensitivities.