Heavy metal test results are now in!

Heavy metal test results are now in!

Please see the most recent 2024 test results here.

Hi everyone, we've had a number of requests for heavy metal testing to be carried out on our Organic Whey Protein from some of you, so we have finally gone ahead and had it tested. The results are as follows....

Measured in mg/kg (parts per million):

Cadmium: <0.005
Lead: <0.01
Arsenic: <0.01
Mercury: <0.001

These are the lowest detectable levels our lab (or indeed any lab we contacted) was able to test for. For example the Cadmium test result tells us that none was detected at the lowest testing level of 0.005 mg/kg. So therefore we know that there is less than 0.005 mg/kg. These results compare favourably with heavy metals testing carried out on other protein powders on the market, in fact we were unable to find results from any other protein powders that were more favourable these, which is great news.

To compare our results with the EU maximum levels for mercury, lead and cadmium in food supplements as defined in Commission Regulations No 1881/2006 and No 629/2008, measured in mg/kg (parts per million):

Cadmium: 1.0
Lead: 3.0
Arsenic: No defined limit
Mercury: 0.1

Thanks to all who've badgered us to get these tests carried out, clearly it was well worth it. We can continue having our Organic Whey Protein happy in the knowledge that we aren't consuming any loads of nasty heavy metals. I'll drink to that!