Best-tasting protein powder

The taste and texture of our organic whey protein powders are never an afterthought. We consider them at every step of the process so that each sip or spoonful is a delight for you and your taste buds - even if that means tasting nothing at all!

From gentle processing methods to the highest quality wholefood ingredients - and not one artificial additive in sight - our products are creamy, smooth and deliciously nutritious. With four options to choose from, our organic whey protein powders are the best-tasting protein powders around.

You deserve a tasty protein powder

Whether you want a more balanced diet or a simple muscle support solution, sticking to your health goals is far easier when you actually enjoy them. But finding the best protein powder for your needs, which also genuinely delivers on taste and texture, can be a real challenge.

Many of the products on the market fall short, leaving you with disappointing results, like:

  • A chalky or gritty texture which just doesn’t blend well.
  • An artificial aftertaste from sweeteners or flavourings.
  • A lack of flavour variety, leading to taste fatigue.

For those fed up with overly sweetened, artificial or even bland and uninspiring protein powder blends, we’ve made our organic whey protein powder uncompromisingly tasty, to complement a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing flavour or mouthfeel.

Our taste-first approach

At The Organic Protein Co., we’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting a protein powder that stands apart in taste and texture as well as quality. Many of our customers can tell the difference this makes from their very first pouch of organic whey protein powder. But how do we make this possible?

Made of better stuff

To put it simply, we add all the best ingredients to our whey protein powders. From fresh whey sourced from the milk of organically reared, primarily grass-fed cows to the highest calibre of wholefood ingredients for our flavoured options, every element of our protein powders is chosen for its quality and naturally great taste.

Why choose clean, wholefood ingredients above artificial flavours? Aside from knowing it’s something that matters to our customers, it also means a richer, more authentic and, ultimately, much better taste profile. They also pack our flavoured options with added nutritional benefits such as:

  • Antioxidants in Madagascan bourbon vanilla, raw cacao and organic lucuma powder.
  • Vitamins such as vitamin C, copper and iron in raw maca and vitamin C and vitamin B6 in organic banana powder.
  • Minerals such as magnesium, iron, potassium and calcium in raw cacao and zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron in organic lucuma powder.
  • Our organic whey protein powder itself is naturally packed with additional nutrients like calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B12.

Best tasting protein product out there and I’ve tried so many!

Kinjal P, Organic Protein Co. Customer

Gentle processing methods

In the journey to create the best-tasting, creamiest protein powder on the shelves, we have perfected our gentle whey processing approach, offering a host of taste and texture benefits.

Keeping the whey fresh and well chilled ahead of filtering - paired with careful temperature control throughout the filtration and drying stages - minimises nasty off-flavours and ensures a smooth and palatable texture. 

What’s more, the removal of lactose and fats during filtration can also contribute to a cleaner taste and smoother consistency, making the final product a fuss-free, truly tasty addition to your meals or protein shakes.

The magic behind our flavours

We’re always working behind the scenes to make sure our customers have the best flavour combinations available to add to their bundles or one-off purchases. 

Whether it’s smooth Madagascan Vanilla that catches your eye, or perhaps rich chocolate in Raw Cacao & Maca, all of our flavoured organic whey protein blends are cleverly brought to life by our natural foodie chef, Grace - a true pro when it comes to concocting balanced flavours using only healthy, wholefood ingredients.

Meeting the mark

The proof of our protein powder's taste and texture lies in the feedback from those who use it. That's why we involve our customers, friends and family in the flavour development process, ensuring our blends pass the taste test before we finalise them.

This includes those who don’t usually purchase whey protein powder. Their insights are vital, helping us to fine-tune our products to appeal not only to regular protein powder users, accustomed to compromising on flavour but also to those who are new to the scene and expect superior taste and texture from the start.

We also meticulously check the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for every batch of each ingredient, ensuring there are no contamination issues and that both the taste and nutritional data meet our high standards.

Savour every single protein shake

No more settling for less when it comes to the taste and texture of your daily protein powder. Enjoy the benefits of organic whey protein, crafted from the best natural ingredients and made using cutting-edge, purely mechanical ceramic filtration.

Explore our full range of tempting flavours, like Banana & Lucuma, or enjoy the clean and simple taste of our Pure Unflavoured whey protein. If you just can’t choose, why not take advantage of our bundle builder, saving up to 20%, and subscribe for an added 5% off your order.