The best protein powder,
made ethically

For many of us, health and well-being are about more than physical benefits. When choosing the best protein powder for our needs, an option that fits in with our lifestyle and values can be just as important.

We have always been passionate about better ethics and welfare standards and have championed organic farming from day one - all without compromising on quality. While we never promise to be perfect - there is always more work to do - we commit to doing our best when it comes to the ethics behind our protein powders.

Why ethical protein powders?

Protein powders are brilliant as a quick, simple supplement to sustain and increase your protein intake. But with a huge variety of options on offer, it can be daunting to find the one that’s best for you.

With our organic whey protein powders, you’re not only choosing a product that is genuinely good for your holistic health but you’re also choosing a product that’s sourced and produced ethically and organically.

Why is this so important? Well, some of the facts that stand out to us include:

Why whey?

Aside from the impressive health benefits offered, our decision to choose organic whey protein concentrate over other forms of protein is driven by its lower environmental impact.

This is partly because whey protein is a by-product of the cheese-making process. We use cutting-edge techniques to turn liquid whey, once considered a waste product and discarded, into a high-quality protein powder. It means we don’t rely directly on dairy farming and never create direct demand for milk or crops, instead maximising value from existing dairy.

Primarily grass-fed dairy cows

100% of our whey protein is sourced from organic cheesemakers who use the milk of primarily grass-fed cows. This means that, when the weather permits, the dairy cows are allowed to roam free and enjoy grazing on lush pastures. When the weather is sub-par, they are housed inside and fed grass in the form of hay, silage or haylage.

This diet and the ability to roam can be seen to have a positive effect on the health, behaviour and physiology of our bovine buddies, reducing the risk of stress and promoting natural behaviour.

There are also several studies which show that a diet rich in pasture grass can contribute to the higher quality of whey protein (Ref: Ferlay et al., 2018), while reduced stress levels can avoid the alteration of protein and fat content in milk produced (Ref: Wheelock et al., 2010).

Tasty, organic & ethical! This must be the purest, most natural protein supplement on the market…

Sally M, Organic Protein Co. Customer

Avoiding the routine use of antibiotics

Historically, antibiotics have routinely been given to livestock in feed as a preventative measure against disease. We now know that this practice has wider negative implications on the risk of antibiotic resistance.

By committing to working only with organic cheesemakers in the UK and Europe for our liquid whey protein supply, we support organic farming which forbids the routine use of antibiotics. Instead, organic farming promotes preventative measures against disease, including:

  • Good nutrition with a grass-rich diet
  • Proper hygiene
  • Regular health monitoring
  • More space, reducing stress and physical ailments related to overcrowding

All of these factors ensure higher welfare standards for dairy cows, which we believe is their right. Organic certification also provides accountability for our suppliers and ourselves, with rigorous record-keeping and regular inspections to protect the welfare of cows and ensure high ethical standards.

Our packaging

We know that we have a responsibility to make more sustainable choices as well as ethical choices. This is part of our ethos as a business and it informs many of our processes.

We’ve invested time and effort into finding the best packaging materials, opting for fully recyclable HDPE plastic pouches.

All of our packaging is made here in the UK, reducing our environmental footprint further, and we also use minimal materials to pack and ship our products. Our scoops are made from 100% recycled plastic that can be used again and again.

Working with the best

Our suppliers align with our strong ethical values, and we carefully choose partners who share a commitment to welfare and sustainability. This not only means organic farming practices but also traceability and fair labour standards.

Feel-good protein powder

When you buy one of our protein powders, you can feel confident that it’s been made with the best intentions. They’re ethically sourced, vegetarian and made with clean, non-GMO and non-soy ingredients.

They’re also absolutely delicious, with a range of flavours including Pure Unflavoured, Chocolate (Raw Cacao & Maca) and Madagascan Vanilla. We’re the go-to protein powder for over 25,000 protein lovers, so why not join the team and shop our products today?