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Why Whey Protein?


Why Whey Protein?

Whey protein is one of the most bioavailable protein sources. It is quickly broken down and absorbed by our bodies, providing rapid support from head to toe.

It is a “complete” protein, containing all 9 essential & branched chain amino acids, which humans are unable to produce, so dietary sources like whey protein are needed.

Recommended by Experts

Recognised for uncompromising quality since 2014, our organic whey protein supports not just your muscles and bones, but your health & wellbeing as a whole. A trusted source for numerous health professionals prioritising clean, organic, rubbish-free nutrition.
Learn more from the experts
- Funmi Akinola, Registered Nutritionist
- Hayley Down, Registered Nutritionist
- Dr Michael Barnish, MBChB
- Genevieve Hallam, Certified Nutrition Coach
May Knight, Certified Nutritional Therapist

The stars of the show

There would be no organic whey protein without organic milk, so we donate 25p to Compassion in World Farming for every pack, helping improve farm welfare standards worldwide.

Frequent Questions

Is your whey protein suitable for people with lactose intolerance?

This is suitable for many people with milder lactose intolerance issues, as it contains around 95% less lactose than milk (semi skimmed in dried form, as with the whey protein). Our whey protein contains between 2-5g lactose per 100g in the Pure Unflavoured version and even less in the flavour blends, whereas semi skimmed milk powder contains around 50g lactose per 100g. Some people who experience discomfort as a result of the lactose simply take a lactase supplement, however If you do have any issues you are welcome to take advantage of our no-quibble 90 day returns policy :-)

Is it safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?

We’ve had many customers who have been pregnant or breastfeeding while consuming our organic whey protein powder, however we recommend being cautious of the Raw Cacao & Maca blend, as that can potentially have a mild stimulant effect. We don't see there being any problems with the Pure Unflavoured, Madagascan Vanilla, or Banana & Lucuma. Regardless, we do always recommend chatting with a GP first, as we aren’t qualified medical professionals and they will know more about your medical history, so can give a more conclusive answer. Whey protein is nevertheless generally considered safe for taking while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is this suitable for kids?

Yes it is generally considered to be safe for children, provided they don't have any milk intolerance issues and as long as you keep in mind the recommended intake of protein for their age group, as they need a lot less protein than us adults. We also recommend speaking with your GP first, as they will be able to give more qualified advice and with additional knowledge of your child’s medical history. Lastly, please be mindful of the Raw Cacao & Maca blend as that can have a mild stimulant effect.

Is your whey protein grass fed?

The cows graze outside in fields during the spring and summer months, and they’re fed grass in the form of hay, haylage and silage during the winter months in spacious, clean, naturally lit barns. They also feed on supplementary organic cereals such as oats and barley, so although they feed primarily on grass, they are not 100% grass fed.

Are there any sweeteners, flavourings, or emulsifiers?

We don’t add anything at all to our Pure Unflavoured option, so there are no sweeteners, flavourings, or emulsifiers – no additives whatsoever. There is a small amount of unrefined organic coconut sugar added to the Madagascan Vanilla and Raw Cacao & Maca blends and indeed all our flavour blends contains only whole foods for flavour, so no artificial or “natural” flavourings to be found in any of our products, only real foods.

Is this free from artificial hormones and antibiotics?


Can your whey protein be added to other foods?

Yes, you can add this to just about anything really – it is very versatile indeed. It will become denatured if you use it in hot drinks, baked foods, or anything else involving sustained high temperatures, however our bodies will still effectively break down the protein and put it to use in our bodies in its denatured form. You will nevertheless be losing the bioactive protein peptides and antibodies, such as Lactoferrin and Immunoglobulin G (IgG), as these are damaged by heat and therefore not utilised by our bodies. It can be added to cold foods too of course, like overnight oats, yoghurt, protein balls and bars, and smoothies!

Is it free from allergens, e.g. gluten, nuts, and soya?

It is blended and packed in a facility that handles most food allergens, however we have an allocated “clean room” which prevents contamination from gluten and nuts. Other allergens such as soya are not controlled in this area, so there is still a chance of contamination from other allergens. Every batch is tested to ensure it is gluten free and it is considered nut free too, due to the strict measures in place to avoid contamination.

How much cholesterol does this contain?

Our Pure Unflavoured organic whey protein contains 0.15g cholesterol per 100g. We haven’t yet had our flavour blends tested for this.

Do you use any chemicals at all to make your whey protein?

No, none at all. We use only mechanical low temperature filtration, without the need for any chemicals, nor indeed any additives or processing aids; just pure liquid whey in one end and pure whey protein out the other. To our flavour blends we add a small number of quality organic whole foods, also made without chemicals, or in the case of our Pure Unflavoured version absolutely nothing is added. With all of this in mind, we consider our whey protein to be completely UPF-free.

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