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Why Whey

Some of us have difficulty getting enough protein from regular dietary sources, whereas others are just looking for extra protein because of added stress on their bodies though exercise or medical reasons such as post-operation or certain types of illness. We all need protein to grow and maintain health muscle tissue, and less well known is that our bones need protein too.

Whey protein is one of the “complete” proteins, up there with other dairy foods, meat, eggs and soy. This means it contains all 9 of the essential amino acids, which are those that your body cannot produce on its own, therefore you can only get these from the food you eat. Whey protein also contains all the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) – which form the structure of new muscle tissue. A big reason why so many people choose whey protein is because it is so readily absorbed by the muscles and how easily we can digest it, so ultimately it reaches the muscles faster.

Lastly, comparing whey protein to other protein powders, it can’t be matched for flavour. It is neutral and creamy, with no weird powdery taste or texture. If you’re using protein powder on a regular basis it’s important to be able to enjoy it and not see consuming it it as a big disgusting challenge.  Another win!

Why organic

Animal welfare is the main reason we went organic, as living standards for organic livestock are higher than on regular commercial scale farms. Cows are raised outdoors on open pastures and during Spring and Summer months they continue grazing outdoors. When housed indoors during the winter they are provided with plenty of room to move about, with clean dry bedding, natural light and hay to feed on. Going organic ensures these are all required by law.

From a health point of view there are a few things that you benefit from by getting organic whey protein instead of the regular stuff:

  1. You are avoiding consuming any artificial pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified organisms. That is quite a big plus if you ask us.
  2. Some protein powders have been found to contain heavy metals well above maximum recommended safety levels, so we had our organic whey protein tested and no heavy metals were detected at all. Many artificial pesticides are high in heavy metals, so the fact organic standards forbid their use may explain why they weren’t detected in our organic whey protein.
  3. Organic dairy contains higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids, so the 5% fat in our whey protein should be a better source of omega 3 than regular whey protein.

There are numerous other reasons that organic farming is better, such as an increase in wildlife, less pollution of waterways, healthier soil and happier bees.

At the end of the day, we started The Organic Protein Company out of a passion for higher welfare farming and that will always be our main motivation and indeed that’s why we continue to give 25p to Compassion in World Farming for every pack, with £10,000 donated so far!