The best protein powder for real change

We believe good nutrition extends beyond what we eat; it’s also about making choices that reflect our values and impact the world positively.

By buying a pouch of our organic, primarily grass-fed whey protein, you’ll enjoy the best responsibly sourced, protein-packed goodness while sustaining meaningful causes.

Real change, one scoop at a time

In the health and wellness industry, where enhancing lives is at the core, contributing to charity is about giving back, fostering positive change and creating a ripple effect that transcends our products.

This commitment reflects our belief that the best protein powder should not only support your body but also uphold the values of compassion and community betterment.

Supporting the causes that matter to us and our customers is integral to our ethos. We’ve set out to play our part in raising welfare standards and promoting organic farming not only by using organic production methods and suppliers but also by investing back into these causes.

How do we give back?

We’ve identified a few key causes which are important to us and our customers, making your protein shake genuinely beneficial for you and the community - you can find out more about these below.

Compassion in World Farming (CiWF)

When you purchase a pouch of our organic whey protein powder, 25p of your purchase will go towards supporting our friends at Compassion in World Farming.

CiWF’s goals - to improve welfare standards on farms in the UK and across the world, ultimately bringing an end to factory farming - align with our own principles at The Organic Protein Co. Welfare standards are simply not high enough on the vast majority of farms, which is why we adhere to organic standards ourselves.

They work towards this better future in several ways, lobbying and campaigning to put pressure on big businesses and governments. With 25p donated for every pack of our whey protein powder, we’ve accumulated a total contribution of over £50,000 to CiWF’s vital mission. Every purchase continues to fund real change, meaning you can get your protein boost with peace of mind.

Since 2014, The Organic Protein Company's support has helped us to reduce animal suffering and create a healthier, more compassionate world for animals, people and planet.

Frank Hamilton, Senior Philanthropy Manager (UK)

FareShare Sussex & Surrey

As well as contributing towards progress in organic farming and welfare standards across the globe, we give back to our local community by working with FareShare Sussex & Surrey. A Brighton-based charity close to our hearts as well as our headquarters, FareShare works to tackle food waste and food poverty by redistributing surplus food to charities and community groups.

At The Organic Protein Co., we never like to see anything go to waste. By working with FareShare, we can work to eliminate food waste from our supply chain as well as help to provide natural and nutritious food for people who need it.

The Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Charity

Our charity contributions in the past have included donating money and protein powder to The Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Charity (now My University Hospitals Sussex), which provides support for seven hospitals across Sussex to improve care for patients above core NHS funding.

Be part of our bigger wellness mission

By choosing The Organic Protein Co., you’re doing more than choosing the best protein powder for your health. You can also positively impact the world, embracing ethical values that go above and beyond the nutritional benefits of our organic whey protein powder.

Join us in making a difference, one scoop at a time, and be part of a community that values health, wellness and conscientious choices. Explore our full range of delicious, natural, bioactive and 100% vegetarian whey protein powders, including Pure Unflavoured, Madagascan Vanilla, Chocolate (Raw Cacao & Maca) and Banana & Lucuma. Mix and match your favourites with our bundle builder and get up to 20% off.