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Our Story

Hello, I’m Daniel, founder of The Organic Protein Company. I was raised on a small farm and studied horticulture at Merrist Wood College in Surrey, where I developed a real passion for organic farming. Over the years I’ve strived to buy and grow as much of my food from organic sources as possible, but I could never find an organic whey protein. Such a glaring omission inspired me to do something about it.

And so I did, but it has not all been plain sailing, by any means.

Not so long ago, the only source of organic whey protein was in the USA, but unfortunately an incompatibility between EU and USA organic rules grounded project The Organic Protein Company from the start. After two years and two rejected shipments, shamefully one of which was incinerated, we finally beat the odds and successfully brought the very first batch of organic whey protein to the UK.

Not content with the worryingly large carbon footprint left as a result of shipping every batch all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, it didn’t take much convincing to get us to jump ship to an organic dairy co-operative in Germany who, to my delight, started producing their own organic whey protein powder. This is where our whey protein has been sourced ever since, and it feels great having a source closer to home.

From the moment we launched in April 2014 right up to this day, the positive feedback we frequently receive from our very supportive and loyal customers more than makes up for the moments of frustration in the early days. Thank you to everybody who has supported us along the way.

Giving back

Welfare is a big motivation for us when it comes to the reasons for going organic, which is why since day one we've been supporting Compassion in World Farming by donating 25p for every pack sold to this great cause. We're continuting this for the foreseeable future as we truly believe in the importance of making life better for the countless numbers of farm animals around the world living in incredibly poor conditions.

To read more on why we're supporting Compassion in World Farming, click here.

Our packaging

We're living in an age where there is great demand for packaging to be more environmentally friendly, whether that be recyclable or compostable, made from recycled materials or from plant based materials. Innovation in this space is bringing some interesing possibilities to help meet this demand for more sustainable packaging options. However, government and councils are moving at a glacial pace in keeping up with these innovations. Most compostable packaging needs a commercial composting facility in order to fully biodegrade, but these are all too scarce, meaning most compostable packaging in all likelihood ends up in landfill, along with everything else. Plastic packaging that can potentially be recycled is rarely accepted by local recycling bin collection services, so even when throwing plastic into our recycling bins it more often than not goes to landfill instead.

So what is a company looking to be as "green" as possible to do in this situation? At the moment the most sensible option seems to be to use as little packaging as possible rather than aiming for packaging that in theory can be composted or recycled, but in reality more often than not won't. For now the lightweight stand up pouch favoured by many other protein brands seems to be one of the least worst options, as although there are no recycling facilities for these, they are lightweight and use fewer materials than tradional bulky tubs and canisters.

We are still aiming to transition to greener packaging, but for now we need the UK's recycling and composting infrastructure to get up to speed before choosing one of these options, and for the prohibitive costs of going down either route to come down considerably. If and when a suitable option becomes available we will of course waste no time in adopting it.